Woman of Excellence: Lize Greyling


Who is She?

Lize is the dynamic, young and ambitious Brand Manager/Marketing for Williams Hunt, who oversees the digital marketing portfolios for eleven Opel dealerships in Gauteng.

More about Lize

Straight out of school, young Lize found herself as the receptionist for the Tommy Martin motor dealership in Roodepoort, where she was quickly absorbed into the team after a few short weeks as a temp. She was moved to the administrative side of rentals after a year and a half, and then promoted to working in the workshop where she dealt with bookings, as well as dealing with the complaints and phone calls through the CSI programme. It is here that Lize’s natural knack for lead management was honed and she found herself involved in the marketing, events and public displays for the dealership.

As time went on, Lize’s role broadened to incorporate lead management in a call centre, after which she was moved to Tommy Martin in Cresta where she tried her hand at sales; she found that she greatly enjoyed working with people and her love for the Opel brand grew. Moving to a Menlyn dealership some time later, Lize also added other brands, such as Honda, to her lead management portfolio.

Why We Love Her

Lize is so unique in the way she inspires us: her humility and quiet dignity as she speaks of the challenges she has faced, is particularly noteworthy. She acknowledges that she feels she always has room to improve herself, but notes that without hard work, planning and good old-fashioned excitement about her job, she would not be where she is today. We love that she is teachable and seeks out knowledge and ways of bettering herself in her career, and purposefully positions herself amongst her colleagues in such a way that she can continue to grow. Lize has a love for motoring (with a history of dealership-ownership in her family as well as a sister who works for Williams Hunt too), and candidly admits that this industry has crept under her skin!

Success and Philosophies

A great deal of Lize’s success is due to her determined and ambitious nature; however, she is also open about the impact others had on her career. She speaks highly of both Lise Holloway and Kevin Hunt, who were instrumental in her growth and development professionally. With his open-door policy and ability to critique whilst building and honouring his team members, Kevin has guided Lize’s belief in herself, as well as allowed her to expand her skill set.

Lize’s values and philosophy are guided by the idea that you are allowed to be who you are – she would like ladies coming into this industry to know that it’s okay to feel intimidated: stay calm, gather yourself, and don’t be undermined by the ideas of others that your age, your gender, your experience is not enough – simply step forward, take the risk, and work hard!

Lize of Women in Motoring

Having attended the Women Torque workshop in June, Lize felt keenly the importance of women working together in this field to make a success. She notes that in her journey, she realised that she is not alone (as a woman in a male-dominated industry) and that ladies need to support and encourage each other, but also to work with those who have made successes – both male, and female, like her role models Kevin and Lise.

We are so encouraged by the refreshing and driven attitude of this young, vibrant lady, and Women Torque is thrilled to present her as a contender for our Woman of the Year Awards.

A Torque Queen Special – Desh Bechan

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