Desh Bechan

I am a passionate and driven woman who sees myself, above all, as a devoted mother, an attentive writer, motoring enthusiast and a natural entrepreneur. I have had the pleasure of launching and managing my own publications and running my own businesses in the past 18 years. When I was introduced to the motoring industry in 2010, working for reputable brands at OEM level, I became inflamed with the desire to make a change. As an activist, I had noticed a gap in the industry where I believe women could be empowered to create their own success stories, and – as a people’s person with an inherent knack and love for retails, sales and relationships – I dreamed of a way to marry these great loves together to achieve this. Striving to find ways in which to build women in this industry, I have continued to develop myself personally and professional, and the result of this was the realisation of my dreams in the culmination of this website. I remain focused on growing this platform where women can be informed, educated and empowered, and a love for the motoring industry can be nurtured. I believe in the power of women as a team, and I am excited about where this journey will take us!

Andre Potgieter

As a highly skilled retired Dealer Principal and Automotive Employee, my experience aligns well with the mission statement for Women Torque Online Motoring Magazine and I am certain that my contribution will be valuable to both our Dealer Network as well as our readers and followers.With more than three decades dedicated to the automotive industry of South Africa, I am adept in overseeing daily sales operations, training sales people to maximize performance and improving dealership customer service. Moreover, while my on the job experience has afforded me a well rounded skill-set, including first rate team leadership and motivational abilities, I excel at:

. Developing new sales programmes

. Reducing customer service issues

. Improving car sales

In addition to my experience and personal qualities, I have a passion for combining efficient operations and revenue generation. I am extremely enthusiastic about developing dealership sales and marketing and welcome the opportunity to enhance Dealer sales and marketing avenues.

I am your Sales and Marketing Director and you can contact me on 066 421 1137 or email me:

Cherise van Tonder

With over 15 years of customer care experience providing administrative and client services for several different companies, I am confident that I make an immediate contribution to a team such as Women Torque.

I have demonstrated the ability to effectively handle situations while working within policy, procedures and standard processes. I am detail oriented and able to analyze, prioritize and resolve requests or issues quickly and effectively. I possess excellent communication skills both oral and written.

More and more, women are taking the lead and providing a growing number of digital resources to other women to educate them about cars, guide them through the buying process, teach them how to properly care for their vehicles, and ultimately empower them as car owners. I am proud to be a part of an organization that contributes, to this shift in the market and will translate into a larger share of women in the automotive workforce and has a growing interest to recruit and advance this group of female professionals in the industry.

As successful female executives, there is a responsibility to empower other women, to mentor them, encourage them and engage with them to share what we have learnt over the years.

Like many industries, the motoring sector is a male-dominated one and there are gender-related challenges. However, in my opinion, it’s prudent to adopt a take-charge attitude and to work hard regardless of the negativity you might encounter because this is the only way to succeed in any organization.

I am your Communications Manager and you can contact me on 060 670 1791 or email me on

Belinda Anderson

As a wife, mother and businesswoman, I realize the importance of empowering my “sisters” in ways that will nurture independence, courage, and self-belief. Knowledge truly is power, and only in sharing our gift, talents, and experience can we truly empower each other. I remain an academic at heart, and although my life’s work is in dedication to service to others, I enjoy the opportunities presented to work on publications, academic works, and various literary projects. A multi-faceted approach to life, by virtue of numerous specialties and qualifications, allow me to also have a holistic input into the different areas of business and networking. I enjoy working with people, and I believe in the importance of relationships as a foundation for success. I am the Copy Editor for Women-Torque

For all enquiries, email me at:

Kuraisha Pooran

At 25 years old, I am studying towards a degree in IT whilst running my own business. I am a very
passionate digital marketer with a background in the industry that is both eclectic and diverse – I am
also proud to note that my skills as a graphic designer are self-taught, which is simply an extension of
my drive and desire to constantly improve myself. Admittedly I am a bit of a nerd, but my burning
desire to succeed – coupled with the unwavering belief that the future is female – has brought me to
this exciting point in my career where I see myself as a “Boss Babe in Progress”. Sharing the vision
and mission of Women-Torque to empower other females, I uphold the value that women have the
capacity to build each other, straighten each other’s crowns and take on the world together. My
core philosophy lies in the slogan #Women4Women, and as such I am thrilled to be part of this

Zahne Bond

I am a professional, but first and foremost I am a mother striving to support and uplift my family by
offering a service to my community – it so happens that this allows me to do what I love as well. I
was brought up by a strong woman; my mother was, and still is, a role model that always made sure
that everything that needed doing, was done. We could always trust that we were taken care of by a
take-charge, independent woman. I like to think that my clients and my family see me in this way
too, as a firm foundation and support system that allows them to be strong enough to conquer
whatever comes their way. I sincerely believe in the power of standing together and helping each
other: when women come together, only good things will follow! Where one may be overpowered,
and two may be able to defend, the saying goes that a cord of three strands is not quickly broken. I
firmly believe that if we are able to rely on each other, we as a team, and a community, can make a
difference, and a better world for us all. I am excited to be part of a team actively striving to be that

Bianca Botha

I am a well-rounded reporter and administrator with over 5 years working experience as a client liason consultant and marketer for different industries. I joined Women-Torque early in 2019 and have since been growing and refining my strategies for interpersonal relationships within our dealer network. My focus is on building inspirational content and profiles that not only inspire our readers but also function as powerful marketing tools that result in stronger relationships between dealerships and customers.

I am a driven individual, motivated and determined and these three attributes support me well in knowing how to relay messages creatively and technically while still minding bottom-line business considerations.

In all of my past experiences I have consistently increased trustworthy relationships which inevitably results in successful business interactions and more. I am currently contributing to successfully developing and implementing marketing plans, reworked strategy, increased dealership reach, refined product strategies and learning and discovering new niche markets and strategic partnerships for Women-Torque and our growing platform.

I am your Motoring Media Reporter and you can contact me on 062 642 2347 or email me:

Nita Stadler

I have taken on this position as an office communications facilitator for Women Torque because it offers me the opportunity to enthusiastically support clients and colleagues in a media environment. As a recent high school graduate, I had a wonderful support system within my educational environment.

I was a very active student as well as an academically strong learner. I enjoy lending a helping hand and am enthusiastic about the media world.

I believe that I have a wealth of experience in conducting research due to the assignments tasked to me. My dedication to studies and learning, allowed me to hone my skills. My discipline in achieving results required extensive time management and collaboration efforts, which inevitably prepared me for my duties here at Women-Torque.

I wecome the opportunity to use my skills and enthusiasm to learn as well as my passion to work within the Motoring industry of South Africa.

I am your Office Communications Facilitator and you can contact me on 060 670 1791 or email me:

Ntsako Mthethwa

I am an avid car fanatic who enjoys driving and writing about everything that has wheels. My undying love for cars races back to the early days of the e30 BMW that my dad owned. Besides being a fanatic, I am also a hard worker, I offer exceptional attention to detail, and a talent for managing complex projects with a demonstrated ability to prioritize and multitask. I believe in applying the same level of attention to detail to the company itself.

My motto: Do what you love and love what you do.

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