Woman of the Month:

Dalene Pretorius

Who is She?

Dalene is the Dealer Principal at Bidvest McCarthy Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Centre Menlyn. She is a doting wife to her childhood friend and the love-of-her-life, and mom to two beautiful daughters and a son-in-law. She is creative and likes to paint and do interior decorating in her spare time. Dalene is by far one of the humblest people I have met, adding that she would say she is a good cook, but her husband has by far surpassed her.

More about Dalene

In December 1985, Dalene started in the motoring industry. Thirty-four years in the same company, and thirty-two of those spent with the Mercedes-Benz Brand – take a moment to take that in. That’s longer than many of my team have been alive! She brings a passion for people and a natural affinity for creating a space where young people can grow. Dalene loves that she can make a difference and inspire people to believe in themselves. Her staff call her “Boss Lady”, but she sees herself as a committed, passionate, believer – and we are delighted to call her our partner.

Why We Love Her

Her incredible positivity and enthusiasm is infectious, and the love she has for her company and the team she works with is heart-warming, to say the least. We admire her ability to face challenges with eager determination; Dalene enjoys being able to beat the odds, and motivates her staff to always keep going, no matter what challenges they face. Few people have made such an impression on me as Dalene, especially in the way she strives to impact young people to progress.

Dalene on Women in the Industry

What others call the feminine touch, Dalene calls a brilliant and different dynamic – she feels that women bring a great deal of personality and a unique personal touch to the motoring field, as they tend to do things themselves and are therefore more hands on. This most certainly holds true for effective management, and this is something Dalene obviously excels in.

Dalene’s Philosophy

Family comes first for Dalene, something we as fellow moms and wives understand and appreciate. But, together with this, she also believes that anything is possible, and that anything can be achieved if you have the right mindset. She is a logical thinker who can manage crises well, and defaults to her core values of honesty, integrity, respect and self-belief in all situations. She has a deep appreciation for the impact a leader has on their team, and as such, she strives to uphold humanity, authenticity, and appreciation as traits. This is evidenced in the numerous awards the Dealership have garnered, including several Dealer of the Year Awards, MBCV for 2019, as well as the two-time recipient of the Bidvest Platinum Award for Dealership Contribution – when asked about these accolades, she firmly stopped us and said, “These awards belong to my teams, not to me”. Isn’t that what true leadership is about?

Words of Wisdom

When asked what she would like those starting in the industry to know, Dalene candidly states that one should never be afraid to start at the bottom – this is, after all, the best position for you to find your perfect fit. She encourages those starting out to be themselves – don’t act like a man because you want to be tough, she says, all you need is yourself, and determination. Practical advice follows, with such strategies as balancing your work and home life, equip yourself to be ahead of your peers in knowledge, challenge the status quo, and always take advice – no matter from whom. The adage remains true – everyone has something to contribute.

We love the spirit of community, teamwork and mutual benefit that Dalene and her team represent and couldn’t be prouder to have her as our brand partner.

A Torque Queen Special – Desh Bechan

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