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Cindy Schutz – Marketing Director

About Cindy

A multi-faceted woman, Cindy is not only the Marketing Director at Ceramic Pro, she is also a wife, animal-lover who is passionate about the outdoors, travelling, and spending time with her husband.

Cindy’s Philosophy

Two decades of experience in motoring has taught Cindy that respect, kindness, and honesty are hallmarks of success. She values reliability and hard-work and strives to be ethical and play her part in “paying it forward”. Exceptional customer service remains Cindy’s strategy in business – she models what it means to go the extra mile, being open and focusing on building trust relationships with those around her.

Why We Love Her

Cindy is such a vibrant and passionate person, oozing with excitement for the brand and the industry as a whole. We love her mutual respect and admiration for those in the industry around her and the way in which she commits to uplifting other women. Her philosophy of “what you put into the world will come back to you” is a beautiful sentiment, and evident in the way she treats others with grace and dignity.

Cindy on Women in Motoring

The challenges to women in the motoring industry are apparent to Cindy, and while she is realistic about this, she is also expectant – and excited for – how woman can, and will, change this landscape. She enjoys the dynamics of working with people and is enthusiastic about the role she can play in making this happen.

A Torque Queen Special – Desh Bechan

Tiago Veloso – Chief Executive Officer

About the CEO

Dating back to 2008, Tiago’s history in motoring stretches back more than a decade. In early 2014, he became involved in Ceramic Pro South Africa, and is proud of the fact that Ceramic Pro was listed as the SAPCC Business Award winner for 2018, as well as being given the title of FASA Newcomer of the Year last year. He enjoys investing in personal growth, reading, and is all about the car life.

Tiago’s Philosophy

In order to sell something, Tiago believes that you truly need to have a love for the product and know it through and through. He also firmly notes that self-belief, honesty, and integrity are crucial to success, and he strives to always portray these values. He is driven, passionate, and focussed, with a deep love for cars that shines through in his doings.

Why We Love Him

Tiago literally overflows with zest and knowledge about Ceramic Pro – bringing a value-added product that genuinely does what it says it will do to the public, is fully financeable, and can be applied across a broad variety of substrates makes Ceramic Pro’s products fully versatile. We love his personal motto and would like to share it with you: “Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s is the same, but you leave ‘em all over everything you do”. He believes that everything in life happens for a reason and that whatever you invest, is what you will get out – thus, make sure your values remain firmly in place, because you leave pieces of it wherever you go.

Tiago on Women in Motoring

Excited about the changes in the industry, Tiago loves the idea of empowering women. He also commends the ladies who have dedicated themselves to excelling in a male-dominated industry, and he believes it will have a positive influence on our economy as a whole.

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Lein Schutz – Chief Operating Officer

About the COO

Lein has been in the motoring industry for a whopping 24 years, with the last three years committed to being the COO of Ceramic Pro Holdings. He is married and enjoys playing, and watching, cricket in his spare time. He bring a great deal of experience and knowledge to the industry.

Lein’s Philosophy

Simple and straight forward, Lein’s philosophy is that hard work and loyalty always pays off. With a firm stance on his values, Lein and his team are proud of the fact that their franchise won Franchise of the Year awards for 2008, and 2009, clearly displaying this winning philosophy perfectly.

Why We Love Him

With the ability to clearly discern trends in the industry, Lein notes that motoring is always evolving, and with so many faces to meet on a daily basis, he enjoys the dynamic nature of what he does. He also appreciates exciting new technologies that can enhance the industry. Together with this, he strongly advocates for the unique perspective women bring to the motoring world.

Lein on Women in Motoring

Candidly Lein notes that the industry is tough, and even more so for women. But he also believes that it does get easier, and he encourages women to stick to their guns and work hard – his simple advice is to always finish what you started out doing for the day, so that every new day begins with a task completed.

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Latest Articles

As the holiday season approaches, there is so much excitement in the air – and, with a philosophy of paying it forward and being in service to others, Cindy Schutz, marketing manager for Ceramic Pro would like to take this opportunity to not only wish our readers, followers, and motoring family a wonderful festive season, but also to travel safe during one of the busiest times for South African motorists.

It’s long been a joke that in school holidays, everyone flocks to the coast – but regardless of where you are, you are bound to be behind the wheel of a car, on a boat, enjoying the waves and sun on a jet ski, or – if you are super adventurous – sky-diving from a plane… remember that in the run up to the harsh South African summer, your vehicles, boats and planes also need a little TLC.

With the wonder of Ceramic Pro products at hand, don’t skip the chance to prepare your vehicle for your long family roadtrip, or the countless hours in hot bushveld sun – Ceramic Coatings are a gift to your car, but also to you! Protect your investment, keep it looking fresh, and cut down on time needed to wash and polish it this festive season – check in at Ceramic Pro: there are numerous franchises across the country, so make a pit stop if you need to.

Follow Ceramic Pro South Africa on social media for more info, updates, and news – wishing you a wonderful festive season!


A Torque Queen Special – Desh Bechan

It’s hard to believe we have come to the end of 2019 – a year that has been so busy, so bustling, and so successful, having seen massive growth and expansion for the Ceramic Pro team. With franchises reaching across the country, this brand shows dynamism and change is a positive thing, and the Ceramic Pro owners, managers, and marketing execs are hard at work keeping the wheels rolling for the New Year.

Already specialising in the ceramic coating of vehicles, marine and aircraft, as well as industrial surfaces and textiles, Ceramic Pro are not the type to sit back and watch the moss grow. With great plans on the horizon for 2020, not only will this see new partnerships, new products, and new franchises included, but exciting improvements and additions to the scope of Ceramic Pro’s reach is on the cards.

Now, more than ever, the focus should be on protecting your investments and ensuring they remain in good condition. There is no better way to keep your vehicles, surfaces and fabrics looking good as new than to make use of Ceramic Pro. Keep an eye on these exciting developments by checking out the website www.ceramicpro.co.za for more information, or following the interactive social media page on various platforms. You are also welcome to email Marketing Director Cindy Schutz on cindy@ceramicpro.co.za.

Wishing you a safe, prosperous and beautiful New Year!


A Torque Queen Special – Desh Bechan

Tiago Veloso is the CEO of a Ceramic Pro franchise, and with a fiery zeal for the products and services offered by the brand, is possibly one of the best ambassadors for a brand that I have met. Not only is he passionate about what Ceramic Pro can contribute to vehicle owners, but he loves that the products add value, carries through on its promise to protect and enhance, and can be applied across a variety of substrates, but he is also a firm believer in leaving his mark wherever he goes.

As a believer in values, integrity, and growth, Tiago is the ideal role model for how a business like Ceramic Pro has earned so much respect. Working with a team that shares his philosophy and ethics, the continued growth and expansion of the network is an indication of the good things to come for the new year.

So – do you want to get involved? Do you want to be a successful business owner, run your own franchise, and follow in Tiago’s footsteps? You can – get in touch today to see if a rewarding business such as this is your cup of tea: https://www.ceramicpro.co.za/franchise.html

Don’t be shy – a brand new year of exciting possibilities awaits you!


A Torque Queen Special – Desh Bechan

This past month I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to celebrate a year of successes, joys, and positive development with the Ceramic Pro team. Held at the beautiful Emperors Palace, I was welcomed to the classy, intimate setting where all the Franchise heads, managers, and team members had come together.

As a people’s person, I always enjoy meeting people and spending time with like-minded individuals, and it was so refreshing to be amongst colleagues in the industry who not only support the vision of Women Torque, but who also strive to build each other up and create positive, uplifting working environments for all the employees.

While I enjoyed the evening with the team, networking and building relationships, I was also honoured to hear how the Ceramic Pro family is expanding, growing, and adding to their plans for 2020. With a ground-breaking product and service speciality, Ceramic Pro is on the cutting edge when it comes to Ceramic Coatings that add value to your investments. It is a delight to see that they are utilising their time to continue remaining on the forefront of technology, and seeking avenues in which to continue developing their business.

As our partners in the motoring industry, we continue to support and promote the excellent services and products Ceramic Pro render – here’s to a bigger, better, more amazing 2020!


A Torque Queen Special – Desh Bechan

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