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Women-Torque is growing rapidly

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“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”
-Madeleine Albright
Women Empowerment is fully underway, bridging the gender gap is no longer just a conversation centred on women complaining, instead it has become a full-force movement with a loud voice that we at Women-Torque support and participate in. While statistics may seem discouraging, our effort to overcome barriers in male-dominated industries is being driven by the leading women of our industry. We are proud to state that Women-Torque is taking active steps in diminishing gender inequality in the motoring industry entirely. We have undertaken efforts to encourage and empower our movement. We are using our digital influence as a critical factor to reach women of all race, colour and creed. We are harnessing these countless opportunities to significantly promote and act on women empowerment. We aim to fully divulge and credit the influence we as women can have in any industry regardless of oppression and prejudice.
Here at Women-Torque we devote ourselves to empowering women and instilling a self-pride and love in every one of our clients and viewers, therefore two years ago, to help develop this notion we started MWOTY, this is the Motoring Women of the Year Awards, a Non-Profit Organization where we praise and acknowledge the devotion of women in the motoring industry. MWOTY is sponsored officially and solely by MFC, a division of Nedbank. There are 15 categories in these awards and the aim is to encourage, develop, build and recognize women in Motoring South Africa. We want to give recognition to the brave women that despite prejudice in this male dominated industry, persevere, conquer and dominate in their respective roles and place in the motoring industry. This year for the first time our platform is recognized nationally. Here at Women-Torque we strive to give credit and encouragement where it is due. We are extremely excited for the continuous growth of our MWOTY-platform and implore all of our dedicated viewers and supporters to take part and vote, you can find the nomination categories on our Facebook page and send us an email to  subject heading should be MWOTY 2021 – CATEGORY DESCRIPTION, include the nominees’ information and photo in the email.
In addition to MWOTY we have also recently started the first ever motoring digital talk show hosted by women – Talk the Torque. This show features enlightening and exciting vehicle content, interesting and informative torque tips and inspiring, heart-warming appearances by remarkably talented and driven women in motoring South Africa. With this show we set out to inform, inspire, encourage, entertain and empower our viewers. We plan to celebrate and rejoice in the accomplishments and current movements of our motivational and driven women. Our team at Women-Torque aim to encourage and develop, we wish to grow and continue the already impressive changes in women empowerment created by the generosity and selflessness in the motoring industry. Watching and taping Talk the Torque has taught and inspired us further in the possibilities available to women who are steadfast in their convictions and their aspirations. We implore and encourage woman countrywide to tune in to our show on Facebook. The last segment of our show is sponsored by Seriti Solutions. We promise to deliver accurate and excellent content that is fun to watch as well as relatable to women.