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Why you should invest in roadside assistance

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We all certainly benefit from the development of vehicle technology, vehicle upgrades and spec enhancements as it improves our driving experience along with granting better, safer and more comfortable trips. Unfortunately, there is a flip side to these mechanical enhancements, vehicles are more complicatedly engineered and mean that vehicles are also prone to more breakdowns. Back in the day many people noticed this problem and would help one and another out and even form groups for this reason and everyone would put money aside if they were to have a breakdown. Today we know this service as roadside assistance that most vehicle insurance providers offer, so read on and find out all about it.

So what is Roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is a service provided by your vehicle insurance that covers a number of issues that you face on the road. This includes, jump-starting your vehicle if your battery dies or towing your vehicle if something is wrong and they cannot assist on the side of the road. In addition to this, they may also tow your vehicle to a manufacturer approved repair shop. They will also provide you with fuel if you?re stuck on the road with an empty petrol tank and lastly they will also assist if you?ve locked your keys out of your vehicle and if you don?t have a spare one at hand.

Why should you invest in roadside assistance?

·         First and foremost we all know the infamous saying "prevention is better than cure" and roadside assistance is based solely on this principle. This service is in every sense of the word a lifesaver and no woman should be stuck on the side of the road with no one to turn to. Roadside emergencies can be annoying, stressful and sometimes even dangerous.

·         It?s worth every cent, and it doesn?t cost that much. Of course, you can choose a roadside assistance package that suits your needs and budget. Some are more entry level and will only cover the basics e.g. a flat tyre or a dead battery and others will have added bells and whistles at a higher price.  You can also have a look at paying monthly, every six months or take out a yearly plan, whatever suits you and your personal needs.

I would recommend that our ladies invest in this service provided by their vehicle insurance provider, as we do not always see the importance of spending money monthly on a service we will only use a few times a year, unfortunately when the day comes, roadside assistance could mean all the difference, especially knowing that it is being handled by professionals. 

Written by: Ashley Roos