Torque Tips | Why is my vehicle leaking oil?

Why is my vehicle leaking oil?

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-a navigation through a dark spill-

It happens to everyone somewhere during their life, it doesn’t matter how well you drive or what type of vehicle you have, at one point or another you will experience it- an oil leak. That dark pool of despair below your vehicle is enough to flip anyone’s day around and leave them wondering what could possibly be wrong now? But don’t panic because an oil leak doesn’t always mean that you have to say bye-bye to your holiday at the coast in December to have your baby fixed. Today we are here to help you determine why your vehicle could be leaking oil.

It can be anything of the following:

·         Broken seals or gaskets

These are meant to avoid oil leakage between metal parts in the vehicle but due to heat expanding the metal, seals and gaskets get damaged. Once the metal cools and diminishes there will be gaps in-between which will allow oil to seep through. Ensure these are checked whenever you send to the vehicle in for a service.

·         An impaired oil filter or oil pan

If your vehicle leaks when parked and over time it worsens, it could be that the filter or pan is damaged. If the filter is damaged, the oil will leak onto the engine and drip onto the floor. If, like me,  never go out to search for them but potholes always have a way of jumping out in front of you, you could be sitting with a damaged oil pan. If you notice oil patches under your car, this is another component to have checked.

·         Head gasket blowing or engine block seals decomposing

This is more common in older vehicles. They are more prone to blowing head gaskets and with time, rubbers in the engine can decay which will inevitably lead to an oil leak.

There are a few other reasons why your vehicle might be leaking oil but these are the most common troubles. If it does occur, don’t panic, simply give a trustworthy mechanic a ring and they will tell you what to do next. Remember that these type of things are bound to occur but also know that there is a couple of ways you can influence this as well. You can try to avoid this from happening by ensuring your vehicle is serviced when due, ensure the vehicle doesn’t overheat by providing it with plenty of coolant and do regular oil changes. Remember a healthy vehicle is a happy vehicle.

Written by: Nita Stadler