Torque Tips | What is Electronic Stability Control?

What is Electronic Stability Control?

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When it comes to safety there should never be a compromise. Modern vehicles are jam-packed with advanced technologies to ensure that you, your family and other road users are always protected. Today we are going to be delving into one of these features and that is Electronic Stability Control.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is a safety feature in your vehicle that helps to keep you in your path and skid-free. When it detects that the vehicle isn?t going in the same direction it?s been steered and that it is skidding, it automatically jumps into action.

·         How it works:

With the help of modern technologies like an array of sensors as well as other driving aids like ABS, ESC senses when your car is skidding and brings you back onto the track. It does this by adjusting your vehicle?s speed and selectively braking the wheels as needs be.

·         Warning:

Remember, ESC is most effective only when your ABS is up to scratch. This means that you should always ensure that your brake system is faultless- linings and brake pads should be in good condition and your brake fluid shouldn?t have any air or dirt in the system.

On that note, these fancy features also can?t do their job if the tyres are not properly maintained. Tyres should be always correctly inflated and have a decent amount of thread left.

·         Precaution is key:

You should always try to not get yourself into a situation where the ESC is needed. Although a difficult task, you will be keeping yourself out of harm?s way. You can do this by taking it slow and steady on slippery road conditions. Do not turn or jerk your wheels dramatically, pull away slowly and when coming onto a bend don?t slam on the brakes, rather ease off the gas before you enter the bend.

Remember that at the end of the day you, just like any other road user, you would like to reach your destination safely. With the help of these modern safety features, your trip is so much more protected.

Written by: Nita Stadler