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What are service intervals?

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We all know how important maintenance is on your vehicle as this is a crucial element to keep your vehicle running, or should I rather say driving, smoothly. A service interval is simply an indication or guideline for when your vehicle needs to have a bit of maintenance done.

A service is beneficial for many reasons:

                    It reduces the risk of breakdown and harm to the vehicle.

                    Keeps the engine running smoothly like a well-oiled engine (which is what it actually is).

                    It also influences warranty and resell value.

                    Might help to find undetected hitches that can lead to problems in the future.

Now that we have established the importance, let’s move on to the heavy stuff- how to know when your vehicle is in need of a service or, in other words, how to understand a service interval.

                    If you have a warranty or service plan on your vehicle, it’s quite easy to understand as they provide you with a simple, easy to understand guide in your handbook or service book. Simply have a peak in between the pages and follow accordingly.

                    Some modern vehicles have a built-in indicator that notifies you when it is due for a service.

                    If not one of the above, you have to do the math yourself. Don’t fret, it is quite simple. You have to either determine this by the number of kilometres done on the vehicle- vehicles have a certain amount of kilometres they can drive before needing a service e.g. your vehicle might need a service every 10 000km driven. If it doesn’t travel that often or hasn’t done all of the kilometres required for you to qualify for a service, it is advised that you do an annual service just to keep the vehicle in tip-top shape.

Remember, if you take care of your vehicle it will look after you. Service and maintenance are crucial aspects of upholding a vehicle and if you want to ensure many happy kilometres from it, you have to do what is required.

Written by: Nita Stadler