Torque Tips | Warning signs of bad windscreen structure and integrity

Warning signs of bad windscreen structure and integrity

Don’t ignore the signs

You’ve considered 2020 your year of renewal, and in so many ways it has been. In fact, after an unfriendly experience with a colossal flying rock, your windscreen was replaced back in 2019. Now, a few months later in 2020 you have a new windscreen, but you may have brushed off a few warning signs of a badly installed piece of glass. You know the consequences of ignoring it, so you call your previous installer, insurer and take action to have it fixed-properly this time around. This is in order to protect yourself and your loved ones every time you get behind the wheel. Many believe that once they have it fixed that it is perfectly installed by ‘professionals’, but just like us, they also make mistakes. Today we are sharing some warning signs of a windscreen in bad condition due to substandard installation.

You should never ignore any of these warnings. Your windscreen is designed to add support to your vehicle’s structural integrity. You should know that your windscreen is designed to move some of the harsh impact from a frontal collision into the chassis of your vehicle. If you were to be in an accident with a windscreen that has any fault or structural imbalance, the end result can be detrimental to your safety, if not deadly.

The warning signs
Water seeping inside:
We all know by now that your windscreen was initially designed to protect passengers from inconvenient and unwanted weather conditions while driving, one of them being rain. If you’ve ever noticed water seeping through when driving in the downpour, it means that there is evident structural issues and lack of sealing – get it checked immediately

‘Whoosh’ sound:
have you noticed any ‘whoosh’ sounds as you drive on the highway? This is due to a badly installed windscreen, or the potential for structural damage. Another cause for this can be aging rubber supporting your windscreen. This allows wind to pass through these open spaces – this can also be truly problematic, so address it as soon as possible.

You hear a rattling noise:
Another warning sign is rattling every time you encounter a speed bump - of course it’s not your keys or lose makeup pieces laying around in your centre console below your infotainment system, so listen carefully. If the sound comes from the window area, front or rear, you should head off the auto glass shop immediately.

Crooked appearance:
A wavy or curved appearance of your windscreen is another piece of evidence a badly installed windscreen, or one in poor structural condition. If it looks skew or crooked, you should have it seen to as quick as you can.

Remember that other factors can also cause problems, such as whether the installer was wearing gloves or whether you’ve driven your vehicle the following day, or simply the fact that the glass was of low quality or it had not cured fully. We advise that our readers get into contact with the installer or your insurer to have it replaced accurately through a reliable and reputable auto glass company, should any of the above every be noticeable.

Stay safe!