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Vehicle cleaning DIYs

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To most of us our vehicles fall in our prized possession category and so we make the effort to invest some time and money every year into them to achieve, and maintain unmatched performance, ultimate comfort, longevity, and an overall pleasing aesthetic. If you ever find yourself with some time to spare and you’re willing to try something different, here are some vehicle cleaning DIYs that won’t take too much of your time or cost you a penny, simply rummage through your cupboards for a few nifty household items and be amazed by the results.

Cooking spray:
From baking to cooking to cleaning off some stubborn brake-dust built up on your vehicle’s shiny rims this household item does it all. Next time you wash your vehicle and you’re battling to get off stubborn grime it might be brake-dust you see, simply spray a thin layer over this black build up, and wipe it away with ease.

This household item is truly ‘a-mayo-naising’. If you often wash your vehicle by hand you know it can be quite the challenge when clearing stubborn road tar also known as muddy sludge (especially when dried) or tree sap from parking under a tree. Simply apply a layer of mayonnaise on the road tar or tree sap and leave it for a few minutes in order to work its magic, then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and voila! Bye-bye pesky spots!

One of South Africa’s all-time favourite soft drinks, this refreshing beverage offers more than a riveting cool on a hot summer’s day. We all know a vehicle before and after a downpour doesn’t look the same and especially the windscreen. Get rid of those unpleasant rain streaks and stains by pouring out a buddy of Cola all over your windscreen. The fizzy gas will remove any marks and dirt caused by the rain to simply wash away. Remember to place a towel at the bottom of your windscreen to protect your vehicle’s paint and prevent a sticky mess. You also need to rinse it off with some water, otherwise you might end up with dust stuck on your windscreen or attract bees and other unwanted insects on your vehicle.

Conditioner creates that extra bounce and shine for your hair, and it might create that same shining results for your vehicle’s exterior chrome. Give your vehicle that showroom shine by wiping down any exterior and interior chrome with hair conditioner especially those containing Lanolin. If you spot any rust, you could dip crumpled aluminium foil in Cola and rub it away.

You’ve developed over the years as a person and if you have had your vehicle for some time, then chances are your vehicle has stayed the same (kinda). So if you have an old bumper sticker that isn’t ‘you’ anymore or might look ugly due to the weather conditions and old age you can easily remove it. All you need to do is apply some undiluted vinegar to it and leave it to soak for about fifteen minutes. You could also use an old plastic card to scrape it off, as simple as that.

Toothpaste and baking soda:
If you’ve noticed that you’re not receiving the same visibility at night from your headlights as you have before then no need to worry it’s probably due to foggy headlight covers. You can mix toothpaste and baking soda and use an old toothbrush or a soft bristled brush to scrub them. Wipe them down with a damp microfiber cloth and experience a well illuminated drive when leaving the office late at night.

We hope you try some of these cool DIYs once you have the time and tell all your friends, and loved ones about the breath-taking results.

Written by: Ashley Roos
Edited by: Pearl Mwale