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Tyre retread myths

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-Know the facts-

Word of mouth is a powerful tool to better market some specific brands and services, as we do by helping a girl or loved one out when giving some helpful pointers or directing them to a trustworthy product or service. On the flip side, it can be negatively used against some brands, products, or services, as some individuals will choose to steer clear from it due to the advice of others. Unfortunately, not all of these are factual and the tyre retread market has been the victim of many false accusations and myths for years. Today we are discussing some of the biggest and most well know myths and false accusations of retreaded tyres.

-They litter our roads and highways:

Individuals have been pointing fingers at retreaded tyres for the rubber and skid marks seen littering the roads and highways of South Africa. Multiple studies have shown that this statement is untrue, as statistics prove that new/standard and retreaded tyres are equally to blame. The reason being ill maintenance to the tyre, new or retreaded.

-Bad performance:

Some people have heard and believe that retread tyres don’t have the capability of performing the same as new or standard tyres. This couldn’t be more wrong - retread tyres have proven to excel in rough off-roading and endurance test and races.

-They’re unsafe:

Once again, tyres that are guilty of causing accidents are under-inflated with an improper and illegal tyre-pressure level. It can also be the fact that the vehicles are often over-loaded. Tyres that are driven with a lower tread depth than legally required, also contribute to accidents. It is untrue that retreaded tyres are unsafe as they are tested and designed to work just as well as new/standard tyres. Professionals state that if tyres are properly maintained and in the legal condition, they are equally safe.

-Easily ruined by heat:

This is also untrue. Heat has the same damaging effects as a new/standard tyre. Heat does have a detrimental effect on under-inflated tyres, especially tyres with a low tyre-pressure level. Advice to drivers driving on new/standard tyres would be to avoid this from happening; you should have them properly inflated and have a look at tyre pressure regularly.

-They look unappealing:

We all know that retread tyres aren’t brand new and with it, they believe that they don’t have the same appealing appearance. A blind test has been done and it has been proven that most couldn’t differentiate between the retread and new tyres. Tyres lose their pristine appearance after the first few months anyway. This test does serve as proof that retread tires aren’t as unappealing as some are led to believe. It does depend on a few key factors, such as the quality of the retreading work done to the tyre.

-They don’t last as long as new/standard tyres:

It depends on the retreading process – mould cure, pre-cure, and the materials used along with the quality of the retread done on the tyre all play a role. If it was well done and the driver maintains the tyre as they should, it will have an average lifespan of a normal new/standard tyre.

We hope that this tip helps shed some light on the truth of retread tyres because it is proven that retreaded tyres are a worthy and safe buy for any individual hoping to save some money.

Written by: Ashley Roos