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Types of exhaust tips

Cherry on top, or more specifically, at the bottom

You adore your vehicle, and if you’re a vehicle fanatic, you will feel that appearance and sound are just as important as the functionality of your engine. If you are an individual that likes to tweak and upgrade your vehicles’ physical aesthetics and sound, probably the first thing that comes to mind is installing a branded or aftermarket exhaust tip. It is relatively easy to install, and a small price to pay for a pleasurable effect on your vehicle’s looks and sound when driving around town. That is why we are pinpointing the different types of exhaust tips so that you may determine which is ideal for you.

Exhaust tips are one of the most popular parts that are changed or added to your vehicle. In your hunt to find the perfect one, you will notice that there are different shapes, such as round, oval, rectangular, and square, along with different materials such as chrome, aluminium, and stainless steel. There are even different colors available with the likes of black, tan, chrome, and even polished, for optimal results. Exhaust tips are mainly designed to amplify the sound of your exhaust, being fine-tuned to the smallest sound each type of exhaust tip offers. Before installing any exhaust tip, you should measure it and determine through research, and the help of a professional, whether it is compatible with your vehicle or not.

Single wall vs Double-wall exhaust tips:

A single-wall exhaust tip is made from only one layer of metal, where a double wall exhaust tip has a metal layer that wraps into itself in an outer facing end. This design looks more completed and offers a fuller, more intense, sound than a single wall exhaust tip.

Intercooled exhaust tip:

The name ’inter-cooled’ pretty much explains the function and design of the exhaust tip. It has ventilation around the inside that ’cools’ the gasses when they exit through the exhaust system. It creates a softer, more subtle sound, almost like a whistle-effect. The actual appearance of this option has holes in the tip that has a ’finned housing’ on the outside that surrounds the inner exhaust pipe and gives a flaring, turbine-like look.

A turned down exhaust tip:

These types are also known as ’dump outs’ and offer a louder sound that uses the surface of the road to amplify the audio as well as change the direction of the emissions away from other drivers behind you.

A straight cut exhaust tip:

This exhaust tip is designed the same as the original stock equipped on your vehicle when it was first manufactured. The only difference is a slight change in the sound and the performance it offers. Its appearance looks traditional but reflects its performance.

Rolled edge exhaust tip:

This exhaust tip is designed for looks, and its appearance is stylish with an inward-curve and a bold rounded smooth outlet edge. Its sound and appearance are larger than usual.

With so many options to choose from, we hope that this tip will help you choose which type to go with when adding more aesthetic benefits to your vehicle.


Written by: Ashley Roos

Edited by: Pearl Mwale