Breaking News | Tracker confirms that hijacking levels have increased

Tracker confirms that hijacking levels have increased

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Tracker advise the public to remain vigilant, even though there’s been a significant decrease in vehicle theft, hijacking continues to occur daily at any given times. In fact, Tracker’s vehicle crime statistics have compared July 2019 to June 2020 and by doing so they have realized that hijacking is on the rise and that it remains pervasive during level 3 lockdown.

Before lockdown the amount of vehicle-related crimes have increased with 11% nationally and hijacking has increased with 21%, all while vehicle theft remained the same as last year according to their recorded 1.1 million installed vehicle base. The unique set of rules set in place by the national lockdown level 5, showed Tracker a 19% of vehicle-related crimes in April, a percentage last seen decades ago. As we’ve moved into level 3 the numbers started to pick up again. In May it tripled to 62% and in June it reached 93%.

Even with these exceptionally low percentages during lockdown, hijacking still seemed to be the highest vehicle-related crime with a 56/44 split on average comparing hijacking to vehicle theft, where in the previous year it was a 45/55 split favouring vehicle theft. Even in lockdown level 3 in June 2020 was identical to June 2019 before lockdown.

The trend of time and day of hijacking also seemed to have shifted. Hijacking is reported to be the highest during the week from Tuesday to Saturday with a reduced amount of activity on Sundays and Mondays. Usually reported form 11 am to midnight. Contrary to that vehicle theft is reported the most on weekends during lunchtime.

A main concern for Tracking remains hostage tacking, as it continues to occur daily. Along with vehicles that are being targeted for their content- especially food and fast-moving consumable items. A lot of Tracker’s clients also report being robbed for their valuables and money. Provincial hotspots are as follows; Gauteng experiencing the highest amount of hijacking in Johannesburg, Kwazulu-Natal experiencing the highest amount in Durban, The Western-Cape experiencing hijacking the most in Mitchells Plain as the areas that are impacted the most by hijacking.

Tracker has proven it’s relentless efforts to help fight vehicle-related crimes and have made 5447 vehicle recoveries, 819 arrests and have confiscated 39 firearms in total for the past year from July 2019 to June 2020.


“With the latest statistics indicating that hijacking can happen on any day of the week and at any time, it is clear that criminals are taking advantage of opportunistic situations and it is therefore imperative to always remain vigilant,” says Ron Knott-Craig, Executive: Operational Services at Tracker South Africa. “Make sure that your vehicle tracking device is in working order and make use of the features offered by your vehicle tracking service.”