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X-Cite your funky side

The Aygo is a trendy little budget car that will be ideal in the city. It’s available in three derivatives namely the standard, the X-Play and X-Cite. I was so excited to test the Aygo that I chose the X-Cite derivative and was definitely not disappointed in its offerings.

The Concept

I think it’s a great first car as its spunky, spirted but not too much performance so your darling daughter won’t be taking chances or throwing handbrake turns at every chance she gets, plus it’s very cheap on fuel and we know they could save that money and allocate it elsewhere. It’s able to fit four adult so she will definitely be able to also chauffer her friends around town.

The Look

Borrowed from the CH-R cousin, the Halogen headlight are enhanced with LED and Daytime Running and pulls the overall look of the fascia together. I absolutely the fact that the X creates a rich contrast of black and white in the body of the vehicle, it creates beautiful dimension and character within the vehicle. Some derivatives also feature a blacked out roof to further this complex but funky design. The inclining window line furthers the on-the-go look of the Aygo. The signature X design can be found proudly displayed in the front as well as the rear so that is doesn’t matter in the from where your spotted, you’ll be receiving a few looks. The rear lights have been widened and feature a stylish cluster and an LED strip to mix things up. 15-inch alloys gives the Aygo a sporty road stance and adds to its athletic aspects.

The Feel

I like that it has bucket seats, I think it keeps the interior funky and fresh and are really comfortable to sit in as well. The interior has been brightly coloured in with plenty of pattern and texture- out with the old, drab greys and browns and hallo Aygo! The front seat has a manual adjustment and leather can be found on the steering wheel and gear lever. Steering wheel toggles are also situated conveniently so that you can keep your focus where it needs to be, on the road, while you’re listening to your favourite cheesy love songs. Visibility is a bit hindered by the C-pillars but to the tentative driver that won’t be a problem. The boot is rather small, it’s a mere 168-litre of space, even for a vehicle of this compact measurement but luckily the rear seats split 50:50 for additional space when needs be. It also has a significant boot lip but I’m sure that if you just keep an eye out for it, it won’t be a problem. If you look at the overall, the good out ways the bad and the Aygo will definitely be a good buy and assets to the buyer.

The Features

Its infotainment is impressive for a vehicle that is supposedly designed to be rather budget conscious and it features Auxiliary Input, Bluetooth Connectivity, four speakers as well as a USB sport. Manual air conditioning, a manual heater, Multi-Information Display, A 12V Power Socket, Electric Power Steering (EPS) and Electric Windows in the front ensures that every shopping trip, breakfast run or work drive will be pleasant and enjoyable. Front as well as side airbags, an Over-Run and Speed Limiter, Power Door Lock, Wireless Door Lock, Rear Window Demister, an Anti-Theft System, an engine immobiliser, Child Lock, ISOFIX child seat anchorage, ventilated brake discs in the front are all safety features included into the Aygo to give you not only a pleasant drive, but a safe one too. Driver’s aids finishes this vehicle of with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Brake Assist (BA), Hill Assist Control (HAC) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC).

The Drive

1.0-litre engine produces 53kW of power and 93Nm of torque which might not sound like much but keeping in consideration that it’s a small, city trooper you don’t actually need anything more and as the saying goes ‘little strokes fell great okes’ (which means that you will be a bit on the unhurried side but you will get where you need to be). The benefit of the wee engine is the fact that you will be saving in heaps and piles of cash and that’s exactly what a youngling will be needing with its remarkable 4.3-litre per 100km usage.

The five-speed manual transmission makes city driving easy and enjoyable and when paired with a steering wheel that is extremely accurate, you are guaranteed  a wonderful city vehicle (and here the impressive fuel consumption should be mentioned, again, because we all know how any car is more thirsty in the city and its constant stop and go). This also means that you’ll be flinging this little Aygo through corners and parking like a pro- something every urbanite will appreciate. Don’t get me wrong- it’s still has its cranks and cricks but overall I think Toyota has done a wonderful job with the Aygo and have created a vehicle that will be dearly loved among the young ones.

Where to find it

If this tenacious Toyota’s sparky attitude has caught your eye and you would like to learn more about it, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler