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Toyota Agya 1.0 5MT

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The new kid on the block

The Toyota Aygo has been replaced with the Agya and it’s certainly not a sad day. This vehicle will have to be able to talk the talk as its heading into a cutthroat market of the compact budget car segment. I think with the correct focus and correct execution, it won’t be difficult to thrive in this segment as these vehicles are becoming more and more sought after as the economy permits. But what is the right criteria to follow and boxes to tick? Well, firstly the small city vehicle should be budget friendly, fuel efficient and most importantly it should be value for money, meaning resilience and dependability should be at its core.

The Concept

This affordable little vehicle will make an ideal first vehicle and students will absolutely love its spunky attitude. It’s funky and fresh with only the required features so there’s no short comings but also no unnecessary bells and whistles that will bump up the figures on the price tag. This hatch had done its homework and I’m sure it will reap the benefits (take notes kids!).

The Look

Sporty and sparkling- the Toyota Agya has this incorporated into its small physique with a unique body type and stylish embellishments. The vehicle has a spunky attitude which is evident in its teasing stance which has also been widened and rests on 14-inch wheels. With black detailing and a large, black mesh grille the front side of the Agya looks seriously plucky. This is enhanced with upswept headlights that feature a LED and projector function that flow with the shape of the car.. At the rear, the vehicle’s chirpiness is highlighted by a cheeky roof spoiler and detailing on the LED taillights. Overall, the Toyota Agya is an adorable little vehicle with its sporty looks and mischievous approach and I’m sure it will capture many hearts just like it did mine.

The Feel

As previously mentioned, the Agya has a widened stance and this is due to the wheels being located on the furthest points of the vehicle’s body, this is to provide the cabin with more space and I think that it certainly paid off. For a compact budget vehicle, the Agya is roomy and well-appointed will silver and black panelling and a floating dashboard. Legroom is decent for both the front and rear passengers and I’m positive that beanpoles won’t be too cramped in the Agya, well unless they are really, really tall. The boot boasts with 260-litres of storage space which is ample for day to day luggage and for groceries over the weekend. The seats are covered in durable fabric and the driver has a good view of their surroundings. I must say that I’m quite impressed with the quality evident in the cabin of this money-saver, Toyota has truly done a good job here.

The Features

Specifications and infotainment on the Agya are adequate and on par with other vehicles in this segment. ABS, EBD, airbags for the driver and passenger as well as ISOFIX child seat anchorage can be found in this little city trotter to assure safety. For the convenience of the driver and passengers, the Agya features power steering, automatic air conditioning and a 12-volt power socket.

Higher speced models also feature a touchscreen multimedia infotainment system with a CD player, Bluetooth Connectivity, auxiliary input and a USB port. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can also be added onto the vehicle for a fun filled drive. There are also two speakers, navigation and telephone connectivity to enhance the entertainment and enjoyment.

Intuitive technology from the Japanese include Toyota Connect, that allows Wi-Fi connectivity and once coupled to the MyToyota App, you can find out plenty of information regarding your vehicle’s status. These include booking a service, vehicle licence renewal, call roadside assistance and much, much more. These are impressive features to have incorporated into a vehicle and especially more so considering its economical price tag. This little Agya also has an alarm system, engine immobilizer and child locks on the rear door for security and to protect it from lingering gazes and wondering figures.

The Drive

The Agya has an enthusiastic 1.0-litre engine that generates 49kW of power and 89Nm of torque which makes for light, city driving, especially when paired with the five-speed manual transmission. With a fuel consumption of 4.8-litres per 100km, you will be smiling with every trip you take, so pack your bags because we’re going… everywhere! This is thanks to the vehicle’s diminutive sizes and lightweight build. The 835kg of metalwork and mass doesn’t mean that it feels unsteady or like you will blow away like a serviette at a windy picnic when reaching highway speeds, rather piloting this little engine feels solid but also energetic. Handling is aided by the light and accurate steering and it does well when being tossed into tight corners, which is impressive to experience when remembering this is still a budget-sensitive vehicle. Overall, the Toyota Agya is a solid vehicle with a promising future in South Arica with all of its generous offerings, I can’t wait to see how well it will perform!

Where to find it

If this tiny Toyota has captured your heart or you would like to know a bit more about it, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler