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Tips on safely overtaking

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 -Keep left, pass right-


Overtaking can be a daunting activity, I don’t do it often and would much rather sit behind a feet-dragger however, it is a road manoeuvre that should be used when necessary, especially when the one in front of you is dilly-daddling and when you want to avoid a queue from growing.


·         Judge the road

Before overtaking, consider the road conditions (is the road wet from a recent downpour or are there any potholes) and evaluate if it is safe to overtake. Don’t just look at the lane you are driving in but also evaluate the lane you will be using to ensure that overtaking will be a simple, smooth but most importantly safe act.

·         Look out for Charlie

I don’t know about other road users but one of my biggest fears while driving is bumping another road user. By other road users, I don’t only mean another vehicle, I’m also talking about more vulnerable users like pedestrians and animals. If you are driving, especially at night, is very easy for a person or animal to end up in your lane while overtaking. Therefore, you shouldn’t just look only for oncoming vehicles, also be aware of your surroundings when overtaking.

·         Give some gas

If it is a single lane road and you have to go into the oncoming lane to overtake, put the pedal to the metal. This is for two reasons- you don’t want to be caught dilly-daddling in an oncoming lane and it will also avoid that the other drivers (and especially the vehicle you are overtaking) becoming panicky and unsure of your next move- an overtaking manoeuvre should be clean and quick.

·         Linger behind the Lorry

Avoid overtaking large vehicles like trucks and construction vehicles for they limit your view and you may encounter an unexpected approaching vehicle.


When you are being overtaken:

When another vehicle is overtaking you, stay in your lane and allow them to overtake you. Leave enough room in front of you for them to pull back into the lane as well. Do not deliberately pick up speed to prevent the other vehicle from overtaking your vehicle, it is dangerous and a serious offence. Consideration is key.


Written by: Nita Stadler