Torque Tips | Tips on buying a car online and how to avoid being scammed

Tips on buying a car online and how to avoid being scammed

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-Watch out for a pig in the poke-

Technology is a wonderful thing- it’s an appreciable aid and it helps us to get things done efficiently and more effectively.  The downside, however, like everything else in life, is that it can be exploited. When buying a vehicle online, you don’t know who sits on the other side of your communication. This is why we are here today to help you identify and avoid those pesky thieves and their sticky fingers from slipping into your pocket.

·         What a bargain!

It will happen that you stumble upon a massive bargain somewhere along your online trip- but, be vigilant, because as the saying goes- if it’s too good to be true, it most probably is. Look at something similar to compare prices if you are unsure of the going rate. Be sure to look at all the other figures as well like, VIN and chassis numbers as well as odometer readings (look in the service manuals for this also), this is common signs of scams.

·         Please leave message

If the seller has problems with communicating with you whether it be that they are always ‘unavailable’ or refuse to take phone calls. Contact information is great leads to smell out scammers, numbers and email addresses can be traced.

·         I promise its legit

If the information regarding the vehicle isn’t up to scratch like the numbers don’t add up or if the photos are blurry, it’s highly possible that you will be buying yourself a cat in the sack.

·         I have to go

Always be vigilant with sellers who are in a hurry to get the vehicle off their hands. Ask yourself why they are in a hurry to get rid of the vehicle. A big reason could be the fact that it is a stolen vehicle and they do not want to have it in their possession when caught.

At the end of the day, scammers are extremely intelligent and buying a vehicle online opens a huge opportunity for them to “take you for a ride”, so be extremely vigilant when buying a vehicle and trust your gut. Remember there is plenty of other vehicles on sale so you don’t have to settle for the first one that comes in your path and if you want a safer and trustworthy buy, head over to our vehicle listing side where we advertise vehicles from dealerships that are bank accredited and trustworthy.

Written by: Nita Stadler