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Tips for moms with teenage drivers

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-teaching the small tings to your teens -

It is important for many moms that they instil independence in their children from a very young age. This independence will blossom and come forth in their teenage years when they want a newfound freedom in the form of driving on their own. During this time period of teaching them the basics, along with all the ins and outs of driving, it is important that you keep on reminding them that they are new to driving and that they should memorise and apply all the rules and tips you have diligently taught them, even if you sound like a broken record. And so we’ve taken the initiative to help our moms out by sharing a few vital tips you should keep on teaching your new teenage driver.

The weather:

You should train your teen to "expect the unexpected" and to always be prepared for any situation out of their control. This i9ncludes knowing how to safely drive and manoeuvre around in certain weather conditions, thanks to the rules and driving techniques you have taught them when they find themselves in this situation.

Check every intersection:

It isn’t unknown that teenagers tend to be quite impatient sometimes, that is why you should instil the habit that they check whether it is safe to cross every intersection they encounter. Instead of speeding up when they spot a yellow robot light in the distance or ever "take a chance" and cross a red robot light.

Basic maintenance:

Teaching them to drive safely and considerably is important, yes, but they shouldn’t neglect to take care of their vehicles and all its small nitty gritties. Things such as cleaning your windscreen regularly. Then also changing your windscreen wipers and ensuring that your vehicle’s tyres have the right tyre pressure on a weekly basis.

Then there are also things you can do to inevitably improve your teens driving capabilities along with their safety, and this includes:

Leading by example:

Many young teens learn from what you are doing long before you take this first step to actually teach them. A simple "monkey see monkey do" principle. Ensure that you drive responsibly every day and they will be much more likely to follow your lead when they get behind the wheel.

Limit their night-time driving:

As much as they would like to paint the town red after dark with their friends. You should persist that they do not drive late at night due to fatigue and it is challenging to see optimally after dark.

No texting and driving:

Yup, we know that it is hard to tackle a phone out of your teen’s hands at family dinners, but vehicle accidents due to distractions while driving is nerve-wrecking. So keep on telling them not to text and drive, persistence wins.

Buckling up:

Small things such as remembering to buckle up when you get into a vehicle make a big difference in terms of your safety and passengers in the vehicle with you.

Written by: Ashley Roos