Torque Tips | The importance of a windscreen sun protector

The importance of a windscreen sun protector

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There are many reasons why we love summertime in our beloved Jozi. Not only do we get to celebrate the year’s successes with friends and loved ones, but we get to enjoy vacations, a good old braai, and Christmas. Just like most things in life, the good often goes hand-in-hand with the bad: while we get to embrace the sun by tanning and having a good time, our vehicles don’t feel the same. I think we have all experienced that moment when your vehicle has been out in the sun for some time and you get in and touch the steering wheel – it feels as if you have just touched a hot stovetop. Or sitting on top of your scorching leather seats in shorts? Or even putting on your seatbelt and feeling the singe of the metal buckle… This is why we are discussing the importance of a windscreen sun protector for your vehicle with you, today. 

Your windscreen was originally designed to protect passengers from being exposed to harsh natural elements such as wind, dirt, flying insects, and small objects like stones. This includes severe UV sunlight, too, but your windscreen cannot eliminate all the heat and UV rays that penetrate through. These UV rays are then converted into infrared light that heats the interior of your vehicle very quickly. This is called the greenhouse effect and means that your vehicle’s interior will heat up to temperatures much higher than the temperature outside in a very rapid manner.

Why you should use a windscreen sun protector:

This severe heat and infrared light end up damaging any plastic surface and materials in your vehicle’s interior. Eventually, it will fade and crack due to the direct sunlight, creating quite an inconvenience in your life. You have spent a great amount investing in your vehicle only to have it wither away. You also have to take into consideration other materials within your vehicle that will be damaged by this heat and the UV rays, such as cell phones, laptops, other electronics like your radio, and not to mention that your favourite lipstick left in the centre console will melt away as well.

A windscreen sun protector’s function:

A windscreen sun protector has an aluminium foil surface that reflects light to keep it out of your vehicle’s interior. This allows the interiors temperature to remain cooler and preserves the plastics and materials inside, saving you money in the long run. It works on the principle where it reflects more UV light than it absorbs. It also provides more privacy for any valuables inside from any lurking eyes, as an added benefit. A definite bonus would be the fact that this reflection also repels small flying insects from entering your vehicle’s interior if you want some ventilation while it is parked. 

Sun protectors include: 

-A windscreen sun protector is made from aluminium foil or other reflective materials, which is placed up against the inside of their windscreen.

-There are other sun protecting shades for your vehicle’s side windows that also contribute to privacy and a cool cabin. They are made of nylon mesh and are placed against the window and secured by suction cups. They can still be used even when driving, especially for the rear windows and makes it enjoyable for passengers in the rear as they are protected from the sunlight and unimaginable heat.

Investing in this affordable and practical product will add immense value to your life, as well as maintaining the market and trade-in value of your vehicle. By doing so you can put your oven mitts and duct tape away. We hope that this tip will shine some light on the importance of a windscreen sun protector and will convince you to buy one. If you do, you will only be guaranteed a summer full smiles while driving around.

Written by: Ashley Roos