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Johnathan Sherriff, Sales Manager at Suzuki Centurion, and his team have once again provided me with excellent service and fruitful information about the new and exciting Suzuki S-Presso. Their dedication and clear passion for their brand and business is clearly noticeable, and rather infectious might I say. The S-Presso is truly a value-for-money vehicle and for such a trusted and respected brand, I know it will be liked amongst the locals.

The Concept

Classified as a mini-SUV, the S-Presso is an ideal option for young trend-setters. The fact that it is also uber affordable means that these said youngsters will not only want to own the vehicle, but it will also be practical for them to commute around. What makes this budget-car different is that it still offers more than enough features and comfortable driving -so return on invest is dearly. Its dramatic design also motivates for individuality and innovation, another tick for pioneering youths.

The Look

The S-Presso’s striking and eye-catching look at first glance it’s unconventional design is rather extravagant but I think this is a refreshing change as auto designers have stuck to the script, so to speak and rarely went for bold changes and dramatic accents. It has a distinctive block build and an upright stance which is only further enabled by 14-inch alloys and a 180-milimeter ground clearance. Its front end is easily identified by the expressive and contemporary four slot grille, and a set of dazzling halogen multi-reflector headlights. The S-Edition derivative has silver detailing in the grille, a front and rear skid plate and cladding on the door as well as on the blocky wheel arches.

The Feel

Seeing as the S-Presso is built more with affordability in mind rather than comfort and luxury, and as it is ridiculously affordable, I expected the interior to be fitted with hard plastic touches, an outdated fascia and uncomfortably. I can eagerly report that it is not the case granted there are a few hard surfaces but this is completely reasonable and surprisingly not that unpleasant when you look at everything else it has to offer. Its juvenile nature is embodied in its bright and funky trimmings found around the speedometer and air vents, while red stitching on the partial cloth/partially vinyl seats adds to its edgy design. The S-Edition also sports silver embellishing on the centre console and door panels. At the end of the day, it is still an SUV, just a tiny one at that, and that’s why you will find a decent amount of room not only in the cabin but also in the 239-litre boot. The driver and passengers will find that the S-Presso has plenty of space in the head and knee department which means that long trips to the coast will not only be delightful but also top-hole.

The Features

The 7-inch touchscreen LCD infotainment system is equipped with two speakers, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a USB port, Auxiliary input and Bluetooth Connectivity. For your convenience, this vehicle has also been equipped with Electric windows in the front (rear passengers will have to use the trusty upper arms), central door locking, remote-controlled door locks and a manual air conditioning system. Safety features include ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors Rear, SRS front dual airbags, childproof rear door locks and an engine immobilizer. This is a gratifying amount of offerings when you consider the vehicle’s budget-friendly pricing.

The Drive

This 2.0-litre engine pushes out a meagre 50kW of power and 90Nm of torque. And yes it’s quite clear that this is rather tiny but when keeping in consideration that it has a wee bit mass of 770-kilogram, it offers for a zippy and spirited drive. An additional bonus of this light-weight construction is its terrific fuel consumption, with its impressive 4.9-litre per 100km figure the S-Presso competes with the infamous compact hatch segment. Due to its upright built, it has a noticeable amount of body roll when you skid through corners, but on the flip side, it’s extremely easy to park. The light steering also plays a role in this effortless spot-stationing as it has a tiny turning circle. You can also choose between a five-speed manual transmission and an automatic transmission. The Suzuki S-Presso is an ideal urban trotter with its spirited drive, affordable fuel consumption and easy manoeuvring, and I personally think it will flourish for the daily work commute and spontaneous shopping trips.

Where to find it

If you are interested in this expressive S-Presso or would like to own one, visit to get yours today or speak to Johnathan and his team of trustworthy professionals.

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler
Editor: Pearl Mwale


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