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Summer tips for your vehicle

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-when the sun is out, it shouldn’t mean that it runs out -

Summer is a time filled with flowy dresses, stylish sandals, family time around a braai and summer heat. Although most of us appreciate a golden glow to our skin your vehicle might not be so fond of the scorching heat in summer, due to the damaging effect it has on your vehicle. Therefore we are here today to advise our ladies on how you can best prepare your vehicle for this upcoming summer. By doing so you can simply just enjoy cruising downtown with the windows down and the wind in your hair in this exciting time for everyone.

Keep it cool:

You’re not the only one that needs to cool down with a cold beverage summer breakdowns are almost as severe as dehydration. Avoid this from happening to you this summer. Have a lookout for your antifreeze and water levels at least once a week, this will ensure that your vehicle won’t overheat and leave you in a compromising position.

Have your AC looked at:

The last thing you want is to sit in your vehicle one hand on the steering wheel and the other using a takeaway menu as a makeshift van to keep you from passing out in what can only be described as a moving oven. Now would be the ideal time to have your air conditioning system inspected and potentially fixed by a trustworthy and professional mechanic. Doing so you will be assured that you can enjoy countless of hours in a cool and refreshing cabin.

Change your windscreen wipers:

The amount of time you will be driving around in summer when compared to any other season might reveal a significant difference. This could be anything from a long roundtrip down to the coast to towing a boat or trailer for your next fishing trip, either way, we advise that you adapt your oil change schedule accordingly this summer. If you’re not entirely sure how simply follow your vehicle owner’s manual maintenance schedule to a tee and adapt the timing to the number of kilometres you drive. 

Inspect your tyres routinely:

Your vehicle’s tyres consist of rubber and many other components that are negatively affected by excessive heat. It is a priority to check your tyre pressure level regularly. We advise that you do this on a weekly basis in summer.

Be prepared:

Vehicles are prone to summer breakdowns even if you do follow all of the right procedures, so in that case, make sure that you have a physical emergency kit and a vehicle emergency kit in your vehicle so that you handle a summer breakdown to the best of your capabilities- in your own (as the independent woman that you are).

Summer should be spent in a carefree and relaxed environment with friends, family and loved ones, where you will spend time transporting the ones you love and care about around. We want our audience to follow these easy steps so that you may avoid damaging your vehicle but most importantly to ensure that you are safe whenever you are driving around this summer.

Written by: Ashley Roos