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Subaru Impreza 2.0i-S ES CVT Sedan

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Impressing the family

Yes it is possible to have an Impreza that doesn’t have gold rims, blue paintwork or exaggerated fibreglass trimmings- but no you definitely need a pair of ridicules glasses to go with it- it’s a whole addendum featured in the contract and you won’t be approved if you don’t show up with them to sign. I’m kidding… maybe… you’ll have to buy it to find out.

Regardless of the paint and rim colour, the Impreza surely made an impression on me- see what I did there? It isn’t just a red, hot speed producer, the WRX is, but you will find the other derivatives makes for ideal family vehicles. Make no mistake, it’s no mommy-car, it’s still has a throaty performance but its tamed and filled with comfort as well as safety features. In fact, it has many achievements for its safety features- I’m talking INCAP, ANCAP and EuroNCAP stuff.

The Concept

The sedan has always been in the WRX’s shadow and I simply can’t understand why! It’s a great vehicle with plenty of good offerings not to mention its sexy styling. It’s athletic enough for a singleton but also spacious enough for a medium-sized family and with all its generous offerings I have no doubt in my mind that every owner with be pleased with this sporty sedan.

The Look

The Subaru Impreza WRX is iconic on the rally and has so become stigmatized for its racy-nature. This is seen, even on the sedan family-friendly derivative, on design cues such as the sporty 17-inch alloys, side sille spoiler and chrome plated door handles. The facia has a black mesh grille which is accented by a shiny chrome strip and the signature starry badge. The chrome strip looks as if it’s flowing into the headlights which gives it that typical athletic appeal and I must say it kind of reminds me of the iconic propeller grille quite a bit. The automatic headlights are enhanced with LED and Daytime Running and Steering Response which means the lights move in the direction that you pilot the steering wheel to ensure illumination where your wheels will be going. LED rear combination lights are widened to enhance the famous Subaru styling and a Power-sliding, tilt adjustable glass sunroof ensures that the fun continues inside.

The Feel

Speaking of interiors- the previous Impreza’s weren’t too extravagant with the cabin designing but Subaru was nitpicking on this design and it’s evident in the leather upholstery, alloy paddles and footrest as well as the paddle shifters. It’s not as long as a conventional sedan but the stretched wheelbase does wonders to make the interior more spacious. Head, knee and legroom is good and the 460-litre boot is big enough to house daily living like the kids’ book bags, groceries and more. For the driver there is a powered seat, chunky steering wheel and steering wheel toggle and visibility is decent thanks to the seating position and large windows.

The Features

It has two displays- a 6.3-inch multi-function display and an 8-inch infotainment system display. Of which the latter is a class runner, it has a high resolution and is easy to use and understand. It also features Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, two USB ports, Auxiliary input, six speakers, GPS Sat Nav with TomTom Mapping and Voice Command. Cruise control, Smart Entry with Push Engine Start, Dual Auto Climate Control, One Touch Lane Indicator, Electric Park Brake and Vehicle Dynamics Control has all been integrated for comfortable and convenient trips.

As previously mentioned- the Impreza is serious about safety and this is thanks to its abundance of security features, these include High Beam Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Auto Brake, Pre-Collision Braking, Lane Sway and Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control and a reverse camera. It also has EyeSight Driver Assist Technology which is a combination of intuitive technologies incorporated to monitor your surroundings and ultimately protect you while driving. One of its features is the dual cameras that scan the road for unexpected risks and possible collisions from other vehicles to pedestrians crossing the road and even cyclists and joggers in your blind spots.

When researching the vehicle and learning more about the Eyesight Tech, the Pre-Collision Throttle Management caught my eye. It’s an incredibly smart piece of equipment that can be rather crucial. If you’re preoccupied or didn’t notice that you have put the vehicle in Drive instead of Reverse and it detects an object in the way, to avoid harm it will cut the power. I think this can be an absolute lifesaver in those underground parking lots with the hard, hard walls in front of you or even those expensive coupes innocently parked directly in your bumper-bash perimeter, eagerly waiting for a strike and ready to collect insurance money.

The Drive

This 2.0-litre engine produces 115kW of power and 196Nm of torque which doesn’t sound like much but is more than enough for that spirited nature. It’s not as thrusty as the WRX but it has more than enough heart for performance-filled driving and more than enough power to haul around a family of four and their luggage, comfortably but it’s tamed to provide you with pleasantly controlled city driving. It has a claimed fuel consumption of 7.2-litre per 100km but I anticipated it to be much more considering its rrrrracy nature. I must say I was mightily impressed (it never gets old) by the fact that I got a figure close to what Subaru promised, this is due to plenty of fuel-saving features and the fact that this vehicle is considerably lighter than its predecessor. Subaru is renowned for its CVT boxer units and this family sedan also features one so it has the iconic smooth drive as well. The accurately balanced steering and torque vectoring system work wonderfully together to provide you with a pleasant and weighted handle. The chassis is also tightened to enhance the handling and overall driving experience.

Where to find it

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler