Torque Tips | Should you buy a hybrid vehicle?

Should you buy a hybrid vehicle?

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A hybrid, by definition, is a cross between two genetically individuals that are opposites or unlikely to cross. In motoring terms, a hybrid is a vehicle that is powered by both fuel as well as electricity. Although not so common in South Africa, Hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular and today we are going to assist if you are considering buying a hybrid vehicle.

The benefits

·         Save some cha-ching

Since a hybrid engine uses two mediums to power it, a lot of the load is taken from the engine. This means that less fuel is burned and coupled with that, less CO2 emissions (go earth!) and less fuel is used so you save some bucks as well.

·         More vroom

Thanks to modern technology and intuitive designing, most hybrid vehicles today offer better performance than your traditional vehicle which is also impressive considering it uses less fuel.

·         This is a hybrid?

Once again, hats off to the engineers- a hybrid has a similar driving feel to a ‘normal’ vehicle. Some even say that a hybrid is more refined and down tuned but that is probably depending on the brand and preference of the buyer.

The disadvantages

·         Spend some cha-ching

Hybrids are extremely costly vehicle. Not only to purchase but due to the complex engine, maintaining this vehicle is also a costly affair.

Should I buy a hybrid?

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly who should be buying this vehicle as it can be advantageous to many, but where you stay, how you travel, your driving style and what you would like to receive from your vehicle, all come into play when you are exploring your options for your next vehicle.

Written by: Nita Stadler