Breaking News | Riding for a Limb proudly supported by Honda Motor Southern Africa

Riding for a Limb proudly supported by Honda Motor Southern Africa

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Honda Motor Southern Africa is more than proud to officially announce its support for Riding for a Limb, this South African non-profit organisation raises funds in order to provide prosthetic limbs to amputees in dire need of these prosthetics.

This uplifting organisation, that was founded by double-amputee Gerda du Toit and Charl Beukes back in 2014, have donated up to 54 artificial limbs, that came up to the sum of R9 000 000 for 18 children and also to 8 bikers during the course of the past 6 years.

Riding for a Limb gets their funds by organising sponsored bike and vehicle drives alike, including Gerda’s very own 4431 km bike ride on a Honda Integra back in 2016, in less than 48 months after losing both of her legs due to diabetes.

Gerda said that, “I went from a wheelchair to a bike in 2 years, and it completely changed my life.” “Riding for a Limb is about more than just giving amputees mobility – it transforms lives, families and communities, as well giving amputees access to prostheses allows them to dream as big as they want to.”

An elementary level prosthesis can cost anything from R80 000 and up. An above-knee amputation doesn’t cost anything less than a pricy amount of R120 000. This of course doesn’t include re-fits, which can also cost anything from R60 000.

Gerda also says that, “Most amputees do not have the funds to get medical treatment such as physio and attending rehabilitation centres. Therefore, we go to their homes and workplaces where we help with their rehabilitation and teach them to walk again,”

Because youngsters grow, they constantly need new prostheses. Whereas with an adult, the stump changes and loses volume, diminishes in size. Amputees, therefore, need new prostheses as their bodies continue to change with time. It can take up to 5 years for the stump to finally reach its final size. A prosthesis that doesn’t fit appropriately can cause wounds on the limb as well as other – potentially very severe – complications, it is therefore vital that the prostheses fit as they should.

Riding for a Limb is committed to ensuring that 100% of donated funds are used for recipients.

Honda is providing Riding for a Limb with a sponsored Jazz Sport. Dinesh Govender, the General Manager of Corporate at Honda Motor Southern Africa says that, “Even limited support can make a substantial difference” along with the fact that “Honda believes in the power of dreams. What that really means is our power as human beings to make a difference, and to make our dreams and the dreams of others come true. Imagine the transformative power of giving people back their mobility and every contribution makes a permanent difference in someone’s life.”