Breaking News | Recap of the 2020 season-opening GP in Austria: Top 3 winners

Recap of the 2020 season-opening GP in Austria: Top 3 winners

In case you missed it, here is what went down at the action-packed 2020 season-opening Austrian Grand Prix.

It has been seven full months after the last race and fans could not wait to see their favourite racers take on the track in full speed. All drivers advocated their comprehensive support to fight discrimination against people of colour by wearing similar black T-shirts written ‘End Racism’ and ’Black Lives Matter’.

The turbulent season-opening race that took place on Sunday, the 5th of July had an amazing end as Valtteri Bottas won against his teammate and six-time champion Lewis Hamilton after he finished fourth following a late time penalty.

"There was definitely quite a bit of pressure on me there," said Battas after his well-deserved win.

"One Safety Car was okay, but I was like ’another one? And come on?’ Lewis was quick, but I was able to control it."

The top 3 winners of the 2020 Austrian GP are:

Valtteri Bottas – Bottas’ remarkable performance led him to victory as he took the first place.

Charles Leclerc and Ferrari - Even though Ferrari had a challenging start, with astonishing execution Leclerc managed to take the second spot for Ferrari.

"It felt like a victory today. Second place is something I never would have expected," said Leclerc, who had quite a rough start. "I will rate this as one of my best races, I didn’t do many mistakes."

Lando Norris – Norris recently joined the F1 last year in 2019 and is the youngest driver in the race. His grand performance took everyone by surprise as he bagged the third place.

"I’m speechless - there were a few points where I thought I had fudged it. I am so proud of the team for coming back from where we were a couple of years ago." Norris said.



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