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The family traveller

The range Rover Sport is an upmarket SUV that has all the components to make up as a frontrunner in its class, it does lead. With stylish looks, a high-end interior, plenty of intuitive specs and let’s not forget its charming attitude on the road, the Sport will a great addition to any family.

The Concept

Ideal for the adventure-seeking family, the Range Rover Sport will go wherever you steer it- through muddy puddles or over rocky mountains it will conquer. It’s spacious and able to accommodate a medium sized family and all their latch-on. The on road feel of this vehicle is superb and enhances your driving experience every time you get behind the wheel. 

The Look

Land Rovers have the ability to have people automatically sit up and take note when one passes by. That type of respect comes with years of uncompromising quality and dedication and, of course, serious style which is something this SUV is not short of. A sloping roofline and a domineering presence are true to the brand and ever-present within the Range Rover Sport. Strong flowlines and a neat silhouette emphasize the vehicle’s modern look while the patterned grille, body vents and large wheels hint at the sporty capabilities. Wraparound automatic headlights are enhanced with LED and Daytime Running and are complimented by front and rear Animated Directional Indicators for quality illuminations when driving at night or in unclear conditions.

The Feel

Where the exteriors receive straightened spines, the interior has quite the opposite effect. The cushy seats swallow you in and with the clear quality trademarks you are awarded peace of mind knowing that this vehicle knows what it is doing. Also, you don’t need to sit perched in your seat as the seating position is elevated to give you a clear eye of your surroundings. A scattering of quality materials, soft-touches and luxurious trimmings all work together to make the cabin of the Sport feel fancy and sophisticated while providing ultimate comfort. I love the hidden-until-lit steering wheel switches, they do wonders in upping the stylish feel of the cabin and one of the buttons can also be customised to the driver’s preference, swanky right? Due to its SUV status, it’s a given that the inside would be spacious and it is with plenty passenger room and ample boot (780-litres that can grow to 1 686-litres with the rear seats folded down).

The Features

In terms of technology and entertainment, the Range Rover is rigged with all of the latest technologies and features to provide passengers with endless comfort and convenience. Two high-definition 10-inch touchscreen displays enhance the infotainment system in addition to the latest smartphone integrations, Voice Recognition, Navigation Pro and a premium Meridian sound system. The Connect Pro feature compromises of Real Time Traffic Information, Online Search, Planning Routes and Door-to-Door Routing, Share ETA, Satellite View, Commute Mode, Parking Service, Online Routing, Safety Cameras and Online Media. Cruise Control and Speed Limiter, Front and Rear Parking Aid with Rear Camera and Remote Premium (an app that allows you to interact with your vehicle remotely and permits for locking and unlocking, climate alteration and Beep/Flash) are all listed in this Range Rover to ensure that you are always reminded by

The thought alone of having a break down on the side of the road is enough to send chills up a spine of woman, let alone being stranded or not having someone that can help out. That’s why the PROTECT technology in this vehicle will be dearly appreciated. If the unfortunate event does occur, you can with a simple press of a button on the overhead console or if you have the app you can make a direct call to the Land Rover Assistance team.

Another feature that I think is rather nifty is the Journey Tracking, it automatically records your journey including your route and mileage statistics. This brings us to the Vehicle Status Check feature that allows you to, with the help of a trusty smartphone, check current range levels, whether doors and windows are locked and fixed but most importantly- the location of the vehicle in a parking lot because we have all excited a shop at one stage and just stood flabbergasted in the parking lot trying to remember where they parked.

ABS, EBD, Lane Departure Warning, Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic Traction Control, Cornering Brake Control, Emergency Brake Assist and Roll Stability Control are all featured to help with piloting this beast as well as to provide additional peace of mind. Furthermore, there is ISOFIX child seat anchorage and an intricate airbag system to cocoon passengers

The Drive

You are assured of performance with a 3.0-litre diesel engine and that is clear in its outputs. 190kW of power and a hearty 600Nm of torque means that you can go wherever you want with no limitation. This is aided by an 8-speed automatic transmission which is incredibly smooth and an elevated ground clearance as well as Terrain response that adapts the vehicle drive to desire and conditions. This, however, does come at a cost and a reoccurring one at that. This Range Rover being a solid, sturdy, and well build vehicle will not win a fuel consumption competition. Taking all into account and comparing with the competitors the vehicles consumption is average. With large wheels and air suspension, the Range Rover Sport can soak up any lump or bump with ease but in the flip side it does bring forth a bit of lean when going through corners but as the cliché saying goes- you can’t always have your cake and eat it too.

Where to find it

If this robust Range Rover has you interested in its suave looks, savvy specs or relaxed driving, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler