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Pioneering Porsche

Porsche decided to broaden their horizons by moving away from zippy roadster and also focus on bigger markets to attract more buyers and diversify their client base. This kick-started a new generation and opened-up the opportunity for other luxury brands to also manufacture larger performance vehicles. The Porsche Cayenne has been sought-after since day one and have remained popular since then and this is due to many good reasons.

The Concept

The Zuffenhausen-based company designed this luxury SUV in such a manner that it could be appealing to all and suited for anyone, no matter their criteria. Luckily, its capaciousness and performance means that it would be perfectly fitted and also alluring to a wide variety of women. It’s a refined car with off-roading capability and attitude which is able to comfortably fit 5 people.

The Look

It has all the characteristics of modern SUV- an extended tail cluster, faintly lowered roof and sharpened nose for a more domineering road presence. The 18–inch Cayenne wheels is clad in low profile rubber for better road holding capability and the rear tires have been bulked to provide the vehicle with a determined and leering attitude. Bi-Xenon headlights are enhanced with a daytime running feature as well as 4 LED spotlights in each unit to ensure constant bright illumination. A solitary ribbed aperture grille, stainless steel ‘Cayenne’-d frontal door sill guards and Porsche script taillights polishes the vehicle of with its distinctive signature of quality.

The Feel

The cabin is extremely spacious with a 770-litre boot (100-litres larger than the previous) which can be extended further by folding down the rear seats. It reflects Porsche’s typical look with premium design ques such as modern, minimalistic interior and a jam-packed technologically advanced dashboard. The Cayenne Diesel is fitted and finished with a Monochrome black interior package and a practical partial leather clads. The figure-hugging seats are equipped with an  8-way electrical seat adjustment so that you feel both comfortable as well as exceptionally relaxed the whole journey through. The dashboard is also fully digital (with the exception of the analogue rev counter) exclaiming Porsche’s intuitive technology and gorgeous designs. A ground clearance of 215-milimeter means you are low enough to effortlessly ascend and descend this premium SUV but also high enough to have an advantageous view of the road and surrounding. The visibility is also reasonable thanks to skinny pillars and sizable windows.

The Features

The 12.3-inch full HD screen is delightful to use due to HD graphics and smart interface. It is enhanced with the Porsche Communication Managements system with navigation, voice control and cell phone preparation. Features can be accessed via the sporty, multifunctional steering wheel’s toggles which is embraced by sleek gearshift paddles. Safety features include 8 standard airbags front and rear park assist with a 3D Surround View, a Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) system, an Automatic Brake Differential (ABD), an anti-slip regulation (ASR), a Porsche Vehicle Tracking System Plus (PVTS Plus) and an anti-theft alarm system that is equipped with ultrasonic cabin surveillance and a immobiliser. Comfort features include an automatic start-stop function, Cruise Control and a dual zone automatic Climate Control which has an active carbon filter that traps fine particles such as pollen and odours by diligently filtering all of the outside air that travels into the cabin. A feature that is also highly appreciated, is a read out on the gauge cluster which conveniently displays the vehicles health, a handy guide which can serve as a warning should something go wrong. The Cayenne’s rear spoiler isn’t only presented to give the SUV a sport and playful rear, rather is can also act as an air-brake in an emergency when fast braking is necessary.

The Drive

This 2 967cc produces 324 kW of power and a whopping 580Nm of torque. Fuel consumption is 10litres per 100km which is quite pricey, but the Porsche badge and refined driving experience wholly makes up for it. With the 85-litre fuel tank it is also promised to go a great distance. Three driving modes- Comfort, Sport and Sport + creates a diverse and dynamic drive so that the driver is able to clearly appreciate the experience. The vehicle’s responsiveness is noticeably sharper in sports mode to offer the driver accurate handling of this premium SUV in quick spurts. Once behind the wheel, you completely forget that this SUV heavily weighs an almost 2-tonne as it drives like a small car thanks to its ingenious engineering. Being the premium brand’s first off-roader since the good ole tracker it has undergone quite a bit of development and has received a few additional driver’s assisting features as the Porsche Traction Management (PTM), Porsche Active Suspension Management (PSM) and a self-locking centre differential to enhance every driving and off-road experience. The 8-speed Tiptronic transmission has been intuitively designed to create an ideal force distribution onto the front and rear axle and so, smooth and easy going driving. It feels composed and has great handling, especially through sharp corners thanks to the aluminium multi-link suspension. The steering wheel is also precise and responsive thanks to power assist and hydraulics and a feisty drive is in order thanks to a punchy performance, pronounced acceleration and due to the V6 turbo charged engine. A top speed of 265km/h is reachable, although it isn’t a stellar performance, especially for a super car brand such as Porsche, but keeping in mind that it is a 5 door and drags almost 2 000-kilograms of weight, it sure is an impressive feat.

Where to find it

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler