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New headquarters for Alfa Romeo

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Alfa Romeo has made the Centro Stile its new headquarters, a historic inspiration with sentimental value to the brand. Due to our current global situation with the virus, the brand has reconsidered traditional working methods and has developed the new headquarters in such a manner that it is welcoming and inviting to the heartbeat of the brand- which is the employees.

The brand is now focusing on a working environment that is more open and shared to promote teamwork, boost brainstorming and development of ideas. This will also aid discussion and communication and understanding between employees. With these cheerful and stylish working stations, collaboration and assistance will be guaranteed for the team.

The iconic location on the premises of the historic Officine 83 workshop is deeply rooted in tradition and spans over 110 years of excellence. The team will now be able to work hand in hand with the designers which will only add so much more value to the brand. Customized by the Alfa Romeo team, the offices will have a unique and individual feel to them with historical elements, a personal touch and future aspirations combined.