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The little engine that did

With a fun and an unconventional design angle, the Mini Cooper offers something different from the norm, this makes it a niche vehicle in South Africa. Being said it’s also pricier than your average vehicle. Then again if you are interested in buying a Mini, you want a different vehicle that will make a big statement and I’m pleased to say that the Cooper S does just that.

The Concept

This premium hatch is ideal for an unconventional driver or any singleton seeking adventure. It has a spunky look with stylish features and trusty performance to back it up. It’s an ideal companion for someone who is constantly looking for their next adventure and who’s ready to tackle any and every challenge as this vehicle has just as much feistiness in its framework.

The Look

Mini’s are arguably one of the most distinguishing vehicles to be found on roads. The Cooper S is no exception to the brand and boasts with their original design. There’s the signature circular headlights, bonnet stripes and a blacked-out roof to classify it as a premium hatch. The cheeky look of this vehicle is elevated by a sexy set of 17-inch alloy wheels and black wheel arches. LED Matrix headlights are enhanced with a cornering feature, Daytime Running and low and high beam. Furthermore, there is a set of fog lights in the front as well as the rear for additional assistance in term of visibility. Asif the vehicle isn’t easily distinguishable, the rear lights feature the iconic Union Jack but I think it’s a thoughtful way to pay tribute and to ensure the vehicle is firmly planted in its English roots.

The Feel

The funky fresh embellishments and a futuristic infotainment display- there is no doubt about it, this vehicle will appeal to the younger at heart. Due to obvious reasons, the inside of the Cooper isn’t the most spacious, its rather intimate but it is still big enough to accommodate 2 grownups and even a friend or two. It has a cargo capacity of 279-litres (which grow to 941-litres when the seas are folded down) and this is rather impressive four a four seater Mini. The seats are covered in a cloth and leather combination and the front passengers can enjoy sport seats. There is also a few high-end features to be found inside to heighten the pleasure, one of these features is the heads up display that allows you the convenience of not having to constantly peek down into the instrument cluster as all the necessary info is thrown onto the windshield into direct eyesight. There is also an Extended Light Package integrated into the cabin to flood it in ambient lighting to up its wow-factor which is certainly way up there.

The Features

A 6.5-inch infotainment system is equipped with Bluetooth Connectivity, auxiliary input, USB and Apple CarPlay to allow you to listen to music through the 12 speakers and DSP amplifier, grab a mic an get ready to bust a few moves! Cruise Control, Navigation, Voice Control, Real Time Traffic Information, Park assist with a rear view camera, dual zone air conditioning and electrically adjustable windows are all to be found in the Mini to provide you with a comfortable and convenient driving experience.

Features such as Intelligent Emergency Calling and ConnectedDrive Services are not only intuitive but also allow you to automatically connect to call centre or third party in any distressing event. Remote central locking, an alarm system with radio remote control, passenger safety cell, driver and airbags as well as side and head airbags, active pedestrian protection and ISOFIX child seat anchorage are all integrated into the Mini Cooper S to provide you with a safe and protected drive wherever the road might take you.

The Drive

The Cooper is fitted with a 2.0-litre turbo engine that generates 141kW of power and 280Nm of torque which is more than enough to fuel the little flame. It uses a minimal 5.5-litres per 100 km combined (As per Mini) of fuel and this is partly thanks to its power to mass ratio and start-stop functionality. With the superior performance offered one can expect a consumption of around 9.0 l per 100km in only town driving.

 A six speed manual transmission is standard in the mini and makes for light driving in and around the city. Its spunky and zippy through town and once the turbo kicks in, the little engine will be charging down the road with a can-do attitude and plenty of might. Performance Control and selectable driving modes will ensure that every trip will be interactive and as enjoyable as possible. This quirky vehicle is guaranteed to provide you with many, many fun-filled and exciting kilometres

Where to find it

If this quirky Cooper has captured your heart with its compressed dimensions and spirited persona, visit today!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler