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Introducing the pristine Mercedes-Benz C200 from our dear partners, Mercedes-Benz lifestyle Centre Menlyn. Dalene Pretorius and her team has proven themselves as an asset to our readers by giving exceptional advice, service and product. Today, we are bringing our opinion of the Mercedes Benz C200 A/T to you.

The Concept

Every one in five Mercedes sold, is a C-Class, and believe it or not this model has sold nearly ten million units since 1982. Not a model you want to mess up especially when it is a consumer favourite. Even the thought the new C200 Mercedes Benz, at first glance, share similar looks to the older model, the new C200 received several upgrades which include, but not limited to, brand-new electrical architecture unlocking loads of new safety tech and self-driving potential. In our opinion, the new C200 ticks all the right boxes. The designers of this car has ensured that the C200 is capable of keeping the brand attractive and exclusive.

The Looks

In the styling department, the new aerodynamic look is a welcoming one. While the C-Class was never a bad-looking vehicle, the latest styling enhancements gives it a refreshed look when compared to the previous model. Exterior changes come in the form of striking new headlights and a slightly longer nose which makes this sedan look sporty and elegant at the same time. The deep detailing lines on along the sides compliments the look and the revised front and rear bumpers adds to the class.

The feel

Mercedes has done a wonderful job in making this vehicle a lot more practical and user friendly without compromising on their characteristic luxurious feel. Once behind the wheel of this beauty, don't be surprized by the level of comfort that engulfs you and automatically brings about calm and relaxation while still providing an exhilarating driving experience. Everything you need is neatly set out conveniently at a touch of a button thanks to Energising comfort control.

The Features:

The feel quality is dreamlike with the NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) feature that has an apparent effect even when you're driving on rough surfaces. Once you step in, you cannot miss the full 30cm crisp LCD that replaces the analogue gauges from its predecessor. The infotainment system boasts satellite navigation, Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility for Apple and Android devices thanks to Android Auto and Apple Car Play. It is equipped with all the safety features one would need in everyday driving and include blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking and lane-assist.

The Drive:

The 48-volt mild hybrid technology is designed to improve fuel efficiency along with the mild hybrid starter that makes for a much smoother and quicker start-up and take-off, without feeling any harsh vibration by doing so. The C200 has a punchy four-cylinder engine that produces 135 kW of power and 280 NM of torque but the hybrid system adds an additional 10 kW and 160 Nm in short bursts and, has a huge depth of talent that is ready to excel when you are. Nine-speed auto means less effort when changing gears and better handling and this solely because of the torque it produces. Adaptive cruise control and rear cross-alert brings luxury driving to the premium C200. An optional multi-stage air suspension set-up is available and offers a deluxe ride. Driving this sophisticated masterpiece was a well-balanced and amenable driving experience.

Where to find it:

You can find this show-stopper the at the gorgeous Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Centre Menlyn Pretoria. You can also view it on their website at:
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