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Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan

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World-class quality
The Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan has been specifically engineered to be a delight to drive without costing a fortune to fuel. Thanks to the excellent design, the new A-Class sedan has achieved the world record for having the lowest aerodynamic drag of any production vehicle produced globally - an impressive feat for the Stuttgart-based engineers. Dalene Pretorius and her team at Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Centre Menlyn eagerly shared this sleek sedan with us.

The Concept
Perfect for both business women and moms, this luxury sedan is able to seat up to five people comfortably, carries you in style, and it does this looking impeccable. The A-Class sedan is designed to make everyday city driving a pleasure, and have you arriving unflustered, svelte and chic.

The Look
As a compact sedan, the Merc A-Class is still every bit an aggressive German, with a bold front-end design. With their Puristic theme, Mercedes have expertly combined the low, lengthened bonnet with the single-louvre diamond grille to create an attractive face for the sedan. Halogen chrome headlights with LED daytime running lights are standard, and the shiny star has proudly been branded into the AMG-inspired grille. Even though it is the seventh sibling in the compact family, it still proudly sports the traditional thee-box design that makes it unmistakeably Mercedes. The striking lines and mildly inclined roof support the vehicles superior aerodynamics and certainly cuts a striking figure. The muscular shoulder lines and contouring highlights the distinct wheel arches, and add in a gorgeous pair of 17-inch alloys and you find yourself with a sleek Merc that also has an athletic road attitude. Finishing it off elegantly is a stunning pair of two-part LED taillights.

The Feel
The cabin of the sedan is charmingly decorated with Mercedes-Benz’s signature plushness. I felt comfortable and relaxed in the regal suede and leather seats. The dashboard design is so elegant, and it ensures a smooth, flowing display of the interior; the cockpit itself is ergonomic and not cluttered with unnecessary tech, which allowed for peace of mind and a tranquil driving experience. Everything about the inside is designed to make you feel special, and features like the innovative ambient lighting are exclusive to the range. It inspires a sense of glamour and sophistication, which really makes you feel set apart from the norm. There’s also an adequate amount of visibility thanks to the big windows and skinny pillars, although out the back your view might be a little tight, due to the high window-line.

The Features
The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) is included as standard as the infotainment system of choice. The dual screen setup can be accessed via the multifunctional steering wheel’s control buttons or through an optional touch pad located on the centre console. Also included in this revolutionary driving equipment is the artificial intelligence that is customisable and will adapt to the driver’s preferences to create the ultimate driving experience for the driver and passengers. Packed with features, the sedan comes with ABS, an improved camera and radar system that can see up to 500 meters ahead, driver and passenger airbags, a driver’s knee airbag, window airbags that conceals the A-pillar for ultimate security, frontal thorax-pelvis side airbags, Active Brake Assist, Active Emergency Stop Assist and Active Lane Change Assist, to name but a few. The Driving Assistance package has a selection of safety features included as well for the ultimate in keeping you and your family safe.

The Drive
This 1.3-litre Turbocharged engine is able to boost out a sizable 124 kW of power and 250 Nm of torque. And, with the seven-speed automatic quick-shifting dual clutch transmission, it accelerates effortlessly and elegantly. The A-Class sedan is no sports car, so the idea isn’t to push you back into your seat with force – it’s designed to offer simple, fuss-free take offs and competent overtaking moves. It doesn’t fair to badly at the pumps either, with an average of around 5.5 litres per 100 km. What is does best, however, is carry you in comfort and allow the driver to have direct, easy-handling steering. It manages corners without much effort, and although there could be a bit more punch from the engine, is perfectly suited for its purpose as a refined sedan.

Where to Find It
Check out this this sleek Sedan at Mercedes-Benz’s showroom in Menlyn, or visit to find out more.