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It’s the bomb

Mahindra has been making waves and building a brand identity for having tough-as-nails vehicles that are uncompromising in their performance and contributions. The TUV300 is an SUV that leans more towards raw than refined and according to the Indian vehicle manufacturers, buyers will profit from its ‘inherent build integrity, economical running costs and its go-anywhere capability’. Inspired by military vehicle’s, the TUV300 (Tea-You-Vee Three-Double-Oh) is definitely not lacking in the heavy-duty department.

The Concept

This budget-conscious crossover SUV brings a new aspect to the already saturated market that is the family SUV segment. It’s more sturdy and stout and opens a new avenue to explore. Due to its resilience, it not only stands out among other, softer SUV’s, but it will make an ideal companion for people who live and commute in rougher conditions such as the countryside. 

The Look

If you take a glance at the new TUV you will find strong styling cues and angular lines. This is because the TUV has been greatly inspired by battle tanks. It has a strict and upright stance that is further complemented by a set of 15-inch alloys to complete its macho looks. With a bold, chrome grille, roof rails and blacked-out pillars, the TUV has a commanding and authoritative look. The static-bending headlights are enhanced with a follow-me-home feature and a lead-me-to-vehicle feature. The fog lights are located in the front and are finished with shiny chrome to make the front pop.

The Feel

Hop in and you will find a durable and utility-centred cabin. The TUV can accommodate up to seven people, rather easily might I add. The two additional seats aren’t exceptionally comfortable but make do just fine when you find yourself with an impromptu road trip party and additional passengers. Beige in colour, the cloth seats are rather enjoyable to sit in and the driver’s seat especially seeing as it is fitted with a height adjuster, lumbar support and a tillable steering wheel. This tough-material interior means that you won’t throw a wobbly when the kids put their wheelie-schoolbags on the back seat rather than in the boot and you’ll be totally at ease with the pooch back there aswell. But if you’re not, the 384-litre (720-litres with the rear seats folded) will also happily accommodate Max and Milo.

The Features

The infotainment system is equipped with 2-DIN audio, Bluetooth Connectivity, USB, Auxiliary input, Driver information system (DIS), Voice messaging system (VMS) and the Mahindra BLUESENSE® mobile app which allows you to connect your smartphone to the vehicle to alter the infotainment as well as Climate Control. ABS with EBD, a collapsible steering column, side intrusion beams, a digital immobilizer, an auto door lock and an anti-theft warning are all featured to keep Mahindra passengers safe on the road. Airbags are provided for the driver and front passenger but seeing as it’s a 7-seater I think it could have benefited with a few more. It is also equipped with Intellipark reverse assist, air conditioning, internally electrically adjustable ORVM, steering-mounted audio and phone controls, front and rear electrically powered windows, remote lock and keyless entry and mobile charging points in the front as well as rear for utmost convenience.

The Drive

This 1.5-litre is unique in the way that it features a dual-stage turbocharged engine and it can produce 73.5kW of power and 240Nm of torque. It uses a five-speed manual transmission and has a 5.4-litre per 100km fuel consumption which is quite notable for such a bulky vehicle. You would think that when looking at its timid fuel-sipping that it would be slaggy and unresponsive but the turbo does an excellent job at giving it sufficient shove to surpass dawdlers. The TUV is regarded as a more unrefined SUV and bizarrely features rear-wheel drive and elevated ground clearance which makes it an ideal tough terrain tackler. This does, however, make it rather jittery in the city and takes some getting used to, but once you’ve accustomed to it unique driving and road style there will be plenty of pleasurable kilometres ahead of you. Don’t expect a smooth sailor because it’s definitely not that but rather if you seek a rough and rousting vehicle, you will be happily satisfied. The Mahindra TUV isn’t perfect, not nearly, but then again no vehicle is, but if you look at its price and compare it with the number of offerings, I think that this sports star will have you impressed with its potential.

Where to find it 

If you are interested in the tenacious TUV, check it out at

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Journalist: Desh Bechan 
Transcriber: Nita Stadler