Breaking News | Lexus’s Hideki Matsuyama takes a win

Lexus’s Hideki Matsuyama takes a win

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Lexus ambassador, Hideki Matsuyama has taken the title of the first Japanese man to win a major. As one of the official representatives of Summer Olympics Matsuyama has taken first place at an ideal time as the Olympics will be taking place in Tokyo later this year.  

“I’m really happy… Hopefully I’ll be a pioneer in this and many other Japanese will follow. I’m happy to open the floodgate and many more will follow me… Maybe a lot of younger golfers thought, ‘That?s an impossibility,’ but with me doing it they will realise it is possible and if they set their minds to it they can do it,” said Matsuyama.

The Olympic torch relay has kick-started its 121-day journey through Japan and should arrive in Tokyo on July 23. Launched in the northeastern Fukushima region, the torch relay will be making its way through the area that was distraught by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and three nuclear reactor meltdowns.

President of Toyota Motors Corporation Akio Toyoda said that: “I believe that the power of sport lies in its ability to connect people with diverse personalities and backgrounds as they compete towards a common goal with mutual respect. My experience with sports has fundamentally shaped my life and the way I see the world.”