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Perfection at your Fingertips

Lexus vehicles have not seen much success in South Africa and in my opinion, I think this needs to change. They have plenty to offer, look absolutely gorgeous and have a smooth-sailing drive. The RX is the brand’s most successful vehicle and you will find plenty of them are parked in South African garages. I took it upon myself to go and find out why that is so.

The Concept

This adrenaline seeking SUV is filled with refinement which means it’s an ideal vehicle for a family who will be spending a lot of time in this masterpiece. It does however come at a hefty price but you are sure to benefit from all of its generous offering. Let’s face it- you will be more than willing to pay the extra buck, with a smile, when you’ve been on the road for more than six hours and all your internal organs are still comfortably in place and aren’t resting in a seat next to you after being shaken out.

The Look                   

The RX is on par with the brand’s stylish design and is certainly a striking SUV. The front is styled with chrome horizontal stripes to highlight the shiny ‘L’ embedded in the middle which is only further emphasized by upswept headlights. These chic Xenon LED headlights are enhanced with Daytime Running and point toward the exterior mirrors which also have an automatic dimming function. I must say that I particularly like the fog light design as well, its distinctive shape adds uniqueness and freshness to the front-end of the vehicle. Not to mention the sexy set of alloys which had me squealing with excitement, they just about forced me to grab the keys out of the sales person’s hand and hop in to take this babe for a spin. After climbing in, I also spotted a sunroof and I just knew that I would be enjoying the journey ahead dearly.

The Feel

It’s classy, really classy.

Leather and luxury as far as the eye can see made me feel like a celebrity attending a prestigious award ceremony. This was only aided by features such as the multifunctional steering wheel and the electric seat adjustment that’s not only found in the front but in the rear as well (fancy, I know). Noise cancellation is great- windows down and you hear a subtle rumble of the V6 and when you roll the windows up (which is also inaudible), the outside world is swiftly forgotten. I must say that the boot is a bit smaller than I anticipated but I think it’s understandable considering how much space there is in the cabin, especially for rear passengers in the leg department.

The Features

The touchscreen infotainment system is quite sensitive which provides the cabin with a sophisticated and tech-savvy feel. -It is equipped with interactive features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth Connectivity and link with the smart system through the nifty steering wheel toggles. Other features in this vehicle include navigation, on-board computer, air conditioning, auto dim exterior/ interior mirrors, keyless entry, central locking, Climate Control, Cruise Control, all round electric windows, Keyless Go - shoo there is too many to mention, to ensure you of a trip that will definitely not be lacking in comfort, convenience and luxury. I found the Park Distance Control and rear camera to be quite useful especially when trying to park the RX in tight parking spots.

Lexus is all about safety and ensuring that the whole family is cared for and so they have armed the RX with plenty of safety and security features which include ABS, EBD, Stability Control, Brake Assist, a Tyre Pressure Monitor, an alarm system and an engine immobiliser. To finish it off, it has an impressive ten airbags including driver’s knee, front passenger, front side, rear side and curtain airbags. 

The Drive

This 3.5-litre V6 engine pumps out 221kW of power and an impressive 370Nm of torque so that you can conquer almost any terrain. Between a mighty V6 engine, an eight speed automatic transmission and the vehicle’s sheer size I thought that it would have a fuel consumption that would have me curled in a fetal position, however, I think with a 9.6-litre per 100km for this vehicle ill accept it.

Lexus has refined every part of the vehicle to provide their clients with a vehicle that is able to offer you a smooth but punchy drive nonetheless. It’s able to take to the dirt road and it does so elegantly but it outshines in regal and refine and is also the reason why I think it would make an ideal vehicle to tour and take that extended trips with. Overall, the Lexus RX is a perfect vehicle to own and drive and this is why I can’t see why it’s not more popular on South African roads. Adventurous families will love its refinement on lengthy treks through the Kalahari and the driver will still be crispy fresh when climbing out of the vehicle at the other side.

Where to find it

If this rowdy RX has ignited a burning need to find adventure in you and you want to go and find it, visit

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler