Breaking News | Kia South Africa introduces their new PR & Communications Manager

Kia South Africa introduces their new PR & Communications Manager

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Kia has seen plenty of exciting developments in the last couple of months not only in their vehicle range and charitable efforts but also in other aspects as well. Now added to their constant evolution and development is a new PR and Communications Manager. As of the 1 of April, Terence Steenkamp will join the Kia family in their Marketing department. Steenkamp is extremely well-informed not only by means of formal education but also by experience. He will bring plenty of knowledge with him from being in the editorial department at publications such as Wiel, Getaway and Car Magazine.

 “Terence brings more than 14 years of experience in print and online journalism, copywriting and editing to the Kia South Africa marketing department, which in combination with his excellent Kia product knowledge and deep understanding of the bigger automotive industry is set to make a notable difference to Kia’s communications department,” comments Stephen Crosse, Sales Director, for Kia South Africa. “We’re very excited to see Terence apply his expertise to Kia’s evolving dealer, growing product range and continued brand repositioning.”