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Comfortably reaching new destinations
The third generation Kia Rio has become rather popular amongst South Africans so it’s no surprise the following addition will be just as successful. Known to thrive in the city and its demanding life, the Rio is the ideal city family companion- it’s roomy and filled with many features for a safe and comfortable drive. The fact that it’s also extremely affordable for the owner, makes it just that more attractive for South Africans.

The Concept
This city sedan is ready to tackle all urban challenges from exhausting traffic, cramming into small parking spots and last-minute zipping around town. The Kia Rio is ideal for a busy family with a jam-packed schedule. Spacious enough to fit 4-5 people, it’s also incredibly suitable for a medium sized family. It’s safe, reliable and will get you from point A to B without hesitation.

The Look
The Rio doesn’t have a blaring and proclaiming styling to it but I find this simplistic styling rather refreshing. 15-inch alloys will be found on the 1.4 derivative but my test subject- the TEC- features a cheeky 17-inch set. The headlights feature LED Daytime Running, Indirect Positioning, manual height adjustment, automatic light control and Escort and a Welcome home function. It also features fog lights and LED in the rear combination lights. The skinny tiger nose grille indicated its Kia status and Korean roots. The Rio has a lot going for it- appreciable minimalistic styling and a range of features standard that are add-ons with other vehicles in this segment. I think the Rio is a true value for money vehicle and the proof can be found in its popularity.

The Feel
The interior also follows the down to earth styling to match the exterior although it has a bit more pizazz. It features leather throughout the cabin (steering wheel, gear lever as well as upholstery) and I especially liked the shiny alloy pedals. A definite quality and durability aspect is also sported, you can certainly experience the high-grade materials inside- it will surely withstand the family’s misuses such as muddy shoes and liquid spills. The boot is also surpassing when compared to other contenders in this segment with 325-litres and I thinks it’s also rather impressive that they have managed to hide a spare tyre underneath the floorboard. 60:40 splitting can be found in the rear seats to comfortably accommodate any bulky items and a remote boot unlock ensures for convenient loading and off-loading. It also has lighting, hooks and rings in the cargo capacity for additional convenience. Visibility is also good thanks to skinny pillars. Kia has also designed the Rio to have plentiful room for the passenger to enjoy, this means that stretched family vacations will be pleasurable instead of painful as nobody will be cramping anyone’s style. An optional sunroof can also be fitted (at the price of R8 000) and I think it would be a good investment for the family who spends many hours on the road.

The Features
The 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system is equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Radio, MP3, Auxiliary input, USB connection, Bluetooth Connectivity, Voice Recognition and six speakers. Conveniently placed steering wheel toggles ensures that the driver’s focus will always be on the road while jamming to their favourite hits. Auto air conditioning, front as well as rear electric windows, electric side mirrors, illuminated vanity mirrors, electric folding mirrors with a side mirror indicator, rear view camera with Dynamic Guidelines, a rear park assist system, Cruise Control and a ECM mirror will guarantee you a pleasurable driving experience. Safety and security features include Data Dot, ISOFIX child seat anchorage, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), a central locking system, an alarm system and an immobiliser. Driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags can also be found throughout the vehicle. With all of these amazing standard extras, I am thoroughly impressed with Kia’s intentions when manufacturing this gal.

The Drive
This In-line 4 cylinder 1.4 DOHC CVVT engine is able to produce 74kW of power and 135Nm of torque which is sufficient to have you blending in with city traffic. It has an excellent and economical fuel consumption of 5.8-litre per 100km, a figure that is sure to save you some bucks. The suspension is a bit stiff which makes the drive a wee bit bumpy on rough terrains, however, this does have a positive side to it because the steering is remarkably accurate and responsive which gives you good handling over the vehicle (and allow you to quickly take those unexpected turns when avoiding a pothole). The six speed automatic transmission allows for a relaxing drive, this means that the constant stop and go of traffic will also be considerably less painful. Overall, its a good vehicle- it has sufficient performance, impressive comfort levels and a notable fuel consumption. I would gladly recommend it for the small and on the go family who will definitely benefit from its generous offerings.

Where to find it
If you are interested in purchasing one of these rewarding Rio’s, visit to find your traveling companion today!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler
Editor: Pearl Mwale