Breaking News | Kelvin van der Linde participates in Formula E

Kelvin van der Linde participates in Formula E

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Formula E is introducing a new edition of its virtual championship “Formula E Accelerate,” and the competition will start from the 28th January and will finish on the 25th of March. The Formula E championship has been making waves with over 70-million views and thousands of articles in online and print media. The new Formula E Accelerate has fresh enhancements like Attack Mode and energy management.

South African professional race driver, Kelvin van der Linde, from Audi will also be participating. “I’m really looking forward to representing Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler in the virtual world,” says Kelvin van der Linde. “In February and March, it’s still a bit quieter on the real race tracks, so it’s a great opportunity to put on a good show in other ways for the fans at home. Last year, I also competed virtually against the Formula E drivers and now it’s against real eSports racers. I’m excited to see how we will do.”

Kelvin’s opponents will be other teams’ nominated drivers as well as the best drivers from an open qualifier held online recently. Manuel Biancolilla, a 20-year-old Italian eSport driver, took the third place in the eliminations and he will be competing alongside Kelvin Van Der Linde for the Audi team.

You can catch these races, and more, on the Formula E social media and streaming platforms.