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History on Wheels
With a history dating back to the Second World War, the Jeep is one of the oldest mass-produced vehicles around. And with all-new comfort and convenience added to its enigmatic style, the Jeep Wrangler remains popular for its hardy off-roading abilities, as well as its polished and cool character. I enjoyed every minute from when I received the keys at the dealer and I’m eager to share my Wrangler experiences with you.

The Concept
The most capable Wrangler ever, the newest versions of this iconic vehicle recently hit South African showrooms, offered in Sahara and Rubicon models, with two or four door configurations. It was designed to build new adventures and grant an extraordinary experience to any free-spirit adventurer. This SUV is built to take on even the toughest of challenges, with confidence and willpower.

The Looks
If you’ve ever played with toy cars as a kid you will recognise this familiar vehicle. This vehicle boasts with its symbolic and long-time familiar seven slotted grille, perfect round halogen distinctive head as well as fog lights. It also has a proud stance thanks to a gorgeous set of 17-inch wheels. The wrangler excitedly introduces its sturdy, boxy body that has an imposing stature while also blending in with the wild life from the free-roaming Kruger to the open-Sahara in South Africa. I think its looks sums it up- it’s a tough looking vehicle for a strong-minded woman who is searching for her next adventure and challenge to overcome.

The Feel
For a fourth-generation model, the new Jeep Wrangler feels the same (thankfully!!!), but also just a little lighter. Weighing less than its predecessors, this latest edition has less bulk to lug around, leaving you feeling self-assured and slightly cheeky about the vehicle’s capabilities. There are grab handles for you to cling to, when things get ‘wild’, and when enjoying some off-roading with all this vehicle’s might. Still, it sits comfortably with well cushioned seats while tackling extreme terrains and offers great visibility and a different view from the height-adjustable driver seat. The Wranglers cabin is generously spaced with a great amount of cabin storage and a huge amount of space in the centre console, storage bin and door storage nets. The tubular side steps welcomes you to your first step to an unforgettable adventure. The Wrangler has a two dimensional designing approach where the exterior blends in with nature and the interior is modern and redefined with neat stitching. It offers a sensational experience with a collapsible windscreen that allows you to embrace the wind in your hair and the Freedom HardTop that splits in three to soak up as much sun as a desired and keeps you feeling one with nature. It offers a very unique and highly refreshing experience and fits in with what South Africans require when driving an SUV.

The Features
The Rubicon version adds just a little more flair, with a rugged – yet refined – interior that is as elegant and luxurious as it is functional while the leather-wrapped steering wheel allows you to access the speeding control. The audio system and Standard EVIC (Electroninc Vehicle Information System) are also all at your fingertips. The Wrangler has a Uconnect multimedia system paired with a nine-speaker premium Alphine audio system that creates new sound definition and tone balance. The Wrangler promises first-rate safety while you dare to challenge the most severe terrain, this includes advance multistage airbags, Hill start assist, Electronic Hill Mitigation and Electronic stability control. It is fitted with many comfort and convenience elements such as keyless entry, auto dimming rearview mirror, heated exterior mirrors, automatic braking and more. Its brimming with diverse features that the whole family will enjoy, I know mine did.

The Drive
The unafraid Wrangler has a superior 4X4 system and a powerful engine that is built to resist and perform. A 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar engine under the hood, the Wrangler is driven to produce 209 kW of power and 347 Nm of torque, and – using a smooth eight-speed automatic gearbox – proves to be more than capable at city driving. This Wrangler is a definite buy for the more daring amongst us who loves to challenge natures reckoning force. Fuel consumption for this SUV is terrific for a vehicle of its calibre although I must admit that I had a tad higher usage from it. The Wranglers traction control crunches rocks and tackles all sorts of off-road tracks- sandy dunes and rocky mountains while the Wrangler’s suspension system offers unmatched balance and flexibility and the high-positioned air-intake and electronic and body seals allows you to dive into deep puddles and shallow rivers. A vehicle like this drives the way we expect it to – with confidence and an assertive boldness with the capability and technology to back it up. It is surprisingly a smooth, soft ride that you would simply expect in less off-road focused vehicle. The fact that it challenges, excites and doesn’t disappoint, no matter where it goes is really a true embodiment of all of Jeep’s efforts and relentless nature. It has been meticulously designed to not only meet each and every one of the driver’s expectations but rather to surpass them greatly.

Where to Find It
This wild Wrangler can be spotted at any Jeep dealership. Visit if you are interested in owning one of these beauties today.

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler
Editor: Pearl Mwale