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On the up and up!

South Africans are still sceptical about eastern technologies and machinery but I think that it’s time for this to come to an end. In recent years we’ve seen a few Chinese brands starting to manufacture some quite decent vehicles and it time to add another one to the growing list. JMC (or Jiangling Motors Corporation) started as a truck repair shop in the ‘40s and has grown into an automobile manufacturer not too long thereafter. This is due to their dedication and passion for motoring which resulted in genuine products and with grand contributions.  An example of their latest success story, is their new Landwind 5, a nifty Sports Utility Vehicle.

The Concept

This SUV meets the three basic requirements to be an ideal family transporter- it’s large, safe and reliable. Accompanied by an affordable price tag, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be a popular option to be found on our roads in the near future. Furthermore, its rarity makes it exclusive and unique (you will have the bragging rights of saying you were one of the firsts to have this gorgeous babe parked in your driveway)-But let’s not forget that at the end of the day, it is  still a good vehicle with value for money neatly sowed into its collar.

The Look

The design theme that the Chinese had envisioned for the Landwind 5 was clear- subtle but stylish. It has a typical SUV look with its elevated stance (courtesy of a set of 17-inch alloys) and sporty roof rails. The LED headlights are assisted by a stunning pair of fog lights and the rear features a cheeky little attribute- dual exhaust pipes. This surprised me as it mixes things up a bit more and gives the rear a spunky look. JMC has done an outstanding job and has created an excellent piece of art with the Landwind. For me, this SUV’s exterior is striking good looking and I think that it is deserving of a place on South African roads.

The Feel

Due to its substantial size, it’s obvious that the interior would be spacious and airy as well, which it is. This flowiness of the interior is further enhanced  by an electric sunroof (which had all my passengers’ ooh-ing and ahh-ing while they fiddled with it) and I must say I that I didn’t receive one squeak about a child ‘invading another’s personal space’ and I have two growing teens, this is something every mommy will appreciate. The Landwind 5 boasts with an 855-litre boot to house all the family’s luggage which is perfect for those family holidays. The driver’s seating is also worth mentioning- it feels chic and well put together with features such as the leather multifunctional steering wheel, electric seat adjustment and stylish stainless steel pedals. The upholstery is dressed in leather and the material looks genuinely durable, another plus for the mommy car category as we all know how detrimental grubby paws can be to a vehicle’s interior. It is also worth mentioning that the red-stitching on the seats look plush and sporty and they also provide the needed comfort for those short trips to the corner shop or even those long family drives.

Even though the interior feels a bit plasticy to the touch, this is something that can be easily overlooked and I quite like the fact that the cabin isn’t blinged out in chrome, it’s a refreshing modification and hints at the vehicle’s individualism. Overall, the Landwind 5 is surpassing as a Chinese vehicle and I think that if it  wants to attract buyers from a segment where brand loyalty is taken seriously, they will have to give a wee bit more but so far, so good.

The Features

The infotainment is equipped with connectivity features such as AM/FM radio, USB and AUX ports and a MP3 CD player. On future models we would love to see the addition of Bluetooth connectivity and maybe even a 7-inch touch screen. Air conditioning, electric mirrors, Cruise Control and electric windows all round makes for enjoyable journeys and I think that the Park Distance Control will be a true lifesaver when squeezing this monster into urban environments. ABS, EBD, Automatic Stability Control, Electronic Stability Program, four airbags, remote central locking, an anti-theft immobiliser and a door ajar warning keeps all the passengers safe in the vehicle and on the road. Overall I’m quite impressed with the Landwind’s quality and the amount of features that were squeezed into this vehicle.

The Drive

The Landwind 5 has a 2.0-litre Turbo charged engine that allows it to produce 140kW of power and 250Nm of torque transferred to the wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission. With this amount of power, some may find it a bit heavier on fuel, not majorly though, it stands with a claimed consumption of 8.5-litres per 100km which I feel is very reasonable for its size and power outputs Body roll is minimal and unnoticeable and has a substantially elevated stance so I guess that it’s reasonable and this also ensures that you won’t be scraping your chassis when testing out the Landwind’s capability on an isolated farm road. It’s a straight forward to the point vehicle with no funny features or quirks, making it an easy vehicle to drive and handle. Also worth mentioning is the fact that its turbo does a wonderful job a providing it with hearty performance, even while cruising at high speeds you will still be able to push it for more, an impressive feat. The Landwind 5 is an all-round good vehicle- it has all the right components to make a great vehicle and I have no doubt in my mind that with a bit of polishing up, it will be able to run with the big dogs (if not win the race) but we’ll keep a close eye them to see what’s next in their bag of tricks.

Where to find it

If this Chinese creation has piqued your interest and you would like to know more about it, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler