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Items you should never leave in your vehicle

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-a look-out list-

When it comes to vehicle safety there are thousands of aspects to consider from, safety while driving to safety while stagnant, from your safety to the safety of the vehicle or even other road users. Today we are diving into the topics of vehicle safety while stagnant. Today we are going to enlighten you more about items that you should never leave in your vehicle and why some are more obvious than others.


The obvious

·         Electronics, personal docs, handbags and persons belonging like phone, wallet, keys or passport.


The not so obvious

·         Water Bottles

Wait? For what? A water bottle? How can that be dangerous? Well, it?s simple really- plastic disposable water bottles have BPA (a compound in the plastic make-up) and if left in the vehicle for too long harsh chemicals can leak into the water. Yikes…

·         Medication

Medication should be kept in a cool dry place as indicated on the label. Medication left in a hot vehicle for extended periods may decrease in effectiveness or have adverse effect on the person consuming it.

·         Sunscreen

Just like pills and syrups, sunscreen can also not work that great if exposed to heat for too long. Crazy right, as it is called Sunscreen and would expect it to be able to protect itself from the sun. Furthermore, the bottle can explode in the heat, and that?s going to be a messy job that you will have to clean.

·         Cigarette Lighters

Heat seems to be the problem of the day. Cigarette lighters can cause a fire in a vehicle if left in the heat for too long and they explode. Let?s stray from the flammable liquid in vehicles right kids.

·         Aerosol cans

These “can” expand and explode in your vehicle due to heat and this is seriously something you want to avoid. Rather take your perfume with you in your bag or leave it at home.


Now that you know what to look out for the next time you park your vehicle off, always consider what you leave in your vehicle as there could be more serious implications than just a mess to clean.


Written by: Nita Stadler