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Illegal vehicle accessories

-you want stares not shackles-

The motoring industry is filled with breath-taking and interesting vehicle designs, performance capabilities and advanced features to try, which best accommodates every buyer’s unique taste, style and demand. Sometimes a buyer will find their perfect vehicle and find something to add to it in order to improve their vehicle in some way. So today we are here to discuss some illegal vehicle accessories you might find and add to your vehicle that could attract the wrong kind of attention.

Radar detectives:

Some roadblocks are legally set up to regulate whether most drivers are abiding to the rules of the road and whether or not their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition. These roadblocks are supposed to prevent drivers from getting away with breaking the traffic law in South Africa, therefore radar detectives are definitely not a good idea to invest in, seeing as you will be using it to ‘dodge’ traffic officers or police, this might also be an indication to authorities that you have something to hide if they spot one in your vehicle.

Super noisy exhausts:

Trading your current exhaust system for an aftermarket or more ‘up-beat’ exhaust system is mainly considered as a vehicle modification, but due to the fact that you don’t need much mechanical training to do it makes it fall under a vehicle accessory as well. Although it’s not illegal to change your exhaust system if you own your vehicle, if you have a service plan or vehicle insurance you need to get their approval before you do. Most residential areas have strict noise regulations that you need to adhere to when driving in these areas at these times or you might get yourself in trouble with the law and your neighbours if you have a blaring exhaust system.

Colourful head or taillights:

There’s no denying that a pretty set of head or taillights could transform your entire vehicle’s appearance for the better, but changing your headlights or taillight’s standard bulb for a funky colour could get you a ticket or have your vehicle impounded by the police. The reason being that this new set of lighting in your head or taillights kit could impair or negatively impact your road visibility late at night and could also with distract other motorists on the road with you, especially oncoming motorists. They might also believe that it could be a police vehicle in the distance or mislead another police vehicles.

Dark tint:  

You are legally allowed to have a window tint of thirty-five percent visibility for all of your vehicle windows excluding your windscreen. Your windscreen is only allowed to have a seventy-five percent visibility film used on it and this is to allow the driver to see clearly through the window tint and windscreen while driving. Anything darker would be going against the window tint regulations for vehicles in South Africa.

These illegal vehicle accessories are not classified as illegal or unadvisable to hinder you from owning a vehicle that offers you all it can, but rather to make sure that all motorists are safe and taken into consideration on the road. You should always make sure that any change, modification or accessory you add to your vehicle is legal, safe and practical.

Written by: Ashley Roos
Edited by: Pearl Mwale