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Hyundai i20 1.4 Motion Manual

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A worthy consideration

The Hyundai i20 is slotted into a tough segment in the market and if it wants to flourish, it will have to pull up its proverbial socks and dart down to the finish line. We reviewed this affordable offering and think that it will excel as a daily commuter in the city.

The Concept

When it comes to vehicles such as the Hyundai i20, it can be quite difficult to explain more about the vehicle without it sounding like a wheelbarrow with a pool pump and a garden chair. The i20 is most certainly not that, it just appeals to a different type of buyer- the buyer that wants sensibility over style and value for money over a slappin? set of seats. Some say just opt for one of its other siblings, the i10, I on the other hand think that this vehicle has a unique charm to it and if you can identify that spark, you?ll love this vehicle forever.

The Look

What I like about the i20’s styling isn’t that it is loud and proud to proclaim, ‘look at me!’. Rather, it?s simplistically styled yet still easy on the eye. Neat, modern body lines compliment the blocky and compressed look of the vehicle while it is being supported by a modest set of wheels. The hexagon grille is still ever-present, it is a Hyundai after all, and is complemented by LED DRL headlights with an Auto Light Control and fog lights.

The Feel

Hyundai did something different with the cabin of the vehicle and I?m definitely a fan. Most affordable vehicles seriously lack in the interior (the engineer’s efforts to cut cost) and often leave them looking and feeling cheap. Hyundai wasn’t part of this gut-wrenching trend and has kept the i20 more plain and simple. This means it still extremely comfortable and the price hasn’t received a nudge. Interior space is decent, more than enough for daily commuting and the boot offers plenty of usabilities.

The Features

The infotainment system has auxiliary input, USB input as well Bluetooth connectivity, an onboard computer and all of this can be accessed via steering wheel controls. In terms of safety, there isn’t much but the necessities in here. There are dual front airbags, ABS with EBD and Central Locking with Remote Entry and Alarm. For a comfortable drive, you will find Automatic Climate Control, electric and heated side mirrors, Electric Windows and Rear Park Assist.


The Drive

The i20 has a 1.4-litre engine that produces 74kW of power and 133Nm of torque which isn’t all that spirited but more than enough to keep you pleased in daily city driving. It is easy to control with light, accurate steering and a manual transmission. Although it is claimed to have a fuel consumption of 6.5-litres per 100km, which is a wee bit high, we estimate that your fuel achievements will be in the medium to high 5’s, depending on your driving style of course.

Where to find it

If this little city vehicle has caught your eye and you would like to know more about it, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler