Breaking News | Hyundai gives us sneak peeks of the all-new KONA N

Hyundai gives us sneak peeks of the all-new KONA N

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Hyundai Motor has been giving us sneak peeks at the all-new KONA N. the Kona N will be the first SUV of Hyundai to receive the N badge as well as a sporty look and challenging attitude.

This athletic appearance is all thanks to its unique physique that is Hyundai genetics but has been spruced up with the new and attractive N-features. In the front, you can expect to see robust air intakes and redesigned aggressive headlights. The grille has been lowered to highlight the bumper and the aeronautic fuselage. This stretches to the side of the vehicle to accentuate aerodynamic efficiency and speed.

In the back, a double-wing roof spoiler will not only aid the vehicle with downforce but also gives the behind a racier look that we have come to commonly associate with the N-range. Speaking of N, the signature third triangular brake light is proudly displayed at the rear and dual exhaust mufflers remind us that the vehicle will indeed be hot and ready to rumble.

To complete the overall athletic look of the vehicle, Hyundai has incorporated typical N-accents like alloy wheels that have striking red accents. The all-new KONA N will be heading towards South Africa towards the end of this year but more information regarding it will be released before that. We can’t wait to see what Hyundai has planned for this already impressive vehicle!