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Hyundai Tucson R2.0 Elite Diesel Automatic

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Hyundai has become wildly popular and occupies a large segment in the motoring market. The Koreans don’t have any problem in delivering seeing as they are the owner of the largest vehicle production plant in the world and producing more cars than any other production each year. The recent tendency has buyers purchasing larger, SUV-like vehicle instead of traditional budget cars like sedans and hatchbacks. In comes the Tucson so sweep in and save the day with its suave looks, generous offerings and good drivability

The Concept

Stigmatized for always being unliked and forgotten, middle children have it the worst but at Women-Torque were all about crushing stigmas and embracing new ways of thinking- the Tucson is seemingly a middle child and is siblinged between the new Creta and the larger, loved Santa Fe, and I absolutely love it! The Tucson is a good blend of both. It offers decent amount of space, has good offerings and features and is easy to shuffle around town. This is why I think it makes a wonderful medium sized family companion and I’m positive that it will definitely fulfill their life with its unique and adoring sparkle.

The Look

Hyundai has really gone out of their way to make the Tucson attractive to the eye with a chrome striped grille, a larger front spoiler and a set of 19-inch alloy wheels. The side profile is also adored with notable side sills, a prominent seam just above the handles and a curvaceous roofline to guarantee that it will be noticed when your parking neighbour gets out of their car. The fun continuous- the rear doesn’t have one, or two, or even three but four tailpipes! That’s right folks, this beaut has 4 exhaust pipes screwed onto it’s behind. To further its robust and athletic design at the back, a clear line runs from the wheel arch to the taillight which I absolutely adore. The headlights feature LED and Daytime Running for additional assistance when patrolling the roads of South Africa.

The Feel

I must say when comparing it with the exterior, I expected more from the inside. I expected more pizzazz from inside- a wee bit more would have gone a long way, maybe some paddle shifters or a more advanced infotainment screen. Nevertheless, it has some nifty gadgets to compromise and add to the comfort of the driving experience such as a panoramic sunroof and glove box cooling. The Tuscon’s seats are clad in leather and it’s worth mentioning that the driver and passenger seats have an electric adjustment. Even though the rear doesn’t have electric adjustment, it’s still really comfortable which is a big bonus. Overall I like the Tucson’s interior feel- it’s comfortable and its spaciousness makes it feel laid-back and gives you peace of mind to steer this beast wherever you want it to go.

 The Features

ABS, EBD, Electronic Stability Program, Vehicle Stability Management, Downhill Brake Control, Hill start Assist Control, Driver, Passenger, Side and Curtain Airbags can all be found in the Tucson to ensure safety from being stationary to highway speeds and even when you have some fun in the Kalahari. To ensure that every one of these journeys is not only safe but comfortable too, Hyundai has equipped it with Smart Key with Push Button Start, fully automatic dual-zone air conditioning, electric windows with a one ouch feature for the driver and an automatic up-and-down. The infotainment system is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and can be accessed via the steering wheel’s toggles (you can also control Bluetooth as well as Cruise Control from here). It also has an onboard computer for you to conveniently peak at fuel consumption and such. Hyundai has made sure that the Tucson has more than enough features to suit everyone’s liking- worry-wart mom will find plenty of safety specs, the kiddies will love the infotainment system and dad will brag to all his friends about the cool cooling glove box.

The Drive

Speaking of, it has a claimed fuel consumption of 7.9-litre per 100km and after having my turn with it I must say that that is a good figure for the amount of performance you get from it. This is due to the 2.0-litre engine that cranks out 131kW of power and 400Nm of torque. The first thing I noticed was the pull away was… well… the pull away. Throttle response is immediate and if not controlled correctly can have you looking like when you first learn to drive a vehicle- jerky and unsure. Not to worry, after attempt number two and reminding myself to gently coax I was swaggering around like a pro and if I can do it you can too!

The steering wheel is nicely balanced in the fact that its light enough to make city driving easy but you won’t be swept away with a mighty gush on the highway- she’s stable, confident and ready for a challenge. Driving aids such Vehicle Stability Management will keep you glued further, especially on dangerous roads and HAC will help you with the tricky clutch control when pulling away at an incline. Overall the Tucson had me mightily impressed with its handling, considering its sizable dimensions, and the general benefits you get for it. The fact that you won’t be paying through your nose to own is just another tick behind its trustworthy name.

Where to find it

If this tenacious Tuscon has piqued your interest and you would like to own one of your own, visit now!

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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler

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