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Hyundai Atos 1.1

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Motion a small wonder
Based on the Grand i10, the Hyundai Atos is sure to be a raging success in South Africa and will definitely give competitors a run for their money. And why not? It’s a small car with a big attitude. Not only is this budget car sufficiently filled with tech and specs, it also sets a new benchmark for efficiency and economy in the country. It’s a good all-rounder and with its Hyundai-quality stamp, and its sure to have many pleased owners.

The Concept
This Hyundai has all the makings to be a student vehicle- its small, affordable, zippy, has a good fuel economy and plenty of features that cars designed for the youth are all about, for example its Bluetooth and electric windows are smart features. I think that it’s also rather suited for a retired lady who will appreciate its flexibility and charming personality. It’s modest pricing and economical nature also means that she won’t be spending her entire pension on up-keeping.

The Look
This compact hatch is appealing for the active and on-the-go lifestyle of a student or its easy-going persona for a retired woman. With distinctive Grand i10 design ques (I mean hello! It’s basically the i10’s younger sister, they’re DNA makes them bound to share some similarities) it is the fruit of Hyundai’s promising and continuous evolution of development for their vehicles to suit everyday living in busy metropolitan areas. It has a sporty and eye-catching look thanks to the tapering roofline. 14-inch wheels are tailored with styled covers which aren’t the nice alloys but will do, and the ridiculously good pricing makes this rather easy to overlook. It is the true definition of endearing with its distinctive design elements and will be sure to effortlessly blend into busy traffic. The newest Atos features a pair of upswept headlights and a striking set of taillights for an overall spunky finish of this petit and spirited hatch.

The Feel
The cabin is clearly well put together and the Hyundai design team had made practicality their first priority when designing this vehicle’s interior. The instrument cluster is modern and stylish with a clever layout and easy accessibility to all buttons and levers. The partial cloth and vinyl upholstery polishes the interior off with a superior quality and stylish finish and emits a high-class feeling that instantly sets you at ease when sitting in these comfortable figure huggers. Due to its diminutive size, it is quite obvious that the cabin would be limited, yet thanks to smart designing it doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered with its sizable windows and a great cargo capacity. For such a petit vehicle, the cabin is quite spacious with a 256-litre boot capacity which is more than enough to house all the road trip luggage, comfortably. Fold the split rears seats and you will find an impressive 1202-litre of space for additional baggage or any bulky, odd-shaped items. Visibility is rather good due to the good seating position, which is aided by a good view throughout the clear windows. The overall interior design is a modern look with a clean and sleek design which will be highly appreciated by the driver.

The Features
An intuitive 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system is also integrated with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto and the multifunctional steering wheel is able to access and control the Bluetooth Connectivity, as well as the Audio options. Although the system is not as modern it is rather straightforward and easy to use - a factor that is highly valued by those who prefer the simpler things that life has to offer. To ensure that each journey is comfortable and most importantly enjoyed, Hyundai has installed the new Atos with state of the art comfort features such as Central Locking, steering mounted voice recognition, air conditioning and partial electric windows (the front two windows are electrically equipped while the rear still needs some good ole elbow grease, which is just fine). Standard ISOFIX anchorage is also included to offer a safe and peace for mind experience when ferrying around those precious ones. Other safety features include dual frontal airbags and ABS. Hyundai has done a splendid job at integrated just enough features to have the Atos operating safely and comfortably without nudging the price up too much.

The Drive
The 1.1-litre engine is able to produce 50kW of power and 99Nm of torque, although isn’t quite as punchy is more than sufficient to do its job -which is to safely transport you from point A to B and most probably fatten up your piggy bank generously. It is sure to do just that, with its claimed 5.7–litre per 100km fuel consumption. The new Atos is sure-footed and stable, the light steering allows for a pleasant experience through corkscrew turns and it's punchy enough to easily overtake and blend into traffic without a hitch. This combined with its 5-speed manual transmission ensures that every ride in this little hatch feels refined. The miniscule nature of the vehicle is also truly beneficial when it comes to manoeuvrability around tiny city avenues and so squeezing in and out of cramped parking spots is seemingly unforced and graceful. And don’t forget it has a 7-year/200 000km warranty which I think is rather amazing. This dutiful little hatch is sure to give you many, many years of satisfying service.

Where to find it
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Journalist: Desh Bechan
Transcriber: Nita Stadler
Editor: Pearl Mwale