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How trustworthy is your mechanic

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-Trust your womanly intuition-

As a woman, stepping into a man’s world and asking for repairs to be done on your vehicle, is quite daunting. They might take advantage of the fact that you are unfamiliar and uninformed about vehicles and mechanics. How can you tell if your mechanic is qualified, legit, and trustworthy and not charging you more than you should be paying? Today we will be discussing some signs of a trustworthy mechanic so that you may receive high quality and reliable service.

Explanation of the problem?
This will indicate to you how much they know mechanically and how qualified they are. The next time you take your vehicle to a servicing center ask as much as possible. If they give you clear and a hands-on walk-through about the problem, this is a good indication that they are trustworthy. Use any mechanical knowledge to your advantage by asking questions you already know the answers to.

Do they offer more alternatives?
In most cases, there are more than one shop, product, and solution to the problem of your vehicle. If the mechanic you have consulted only offers you one option, ask them for alternatives and not necessarily the most expensive option. It does not necessarily mean that they are trying to be spiteful, it is possible that they truly trust and believe in that method or product and want to offer you the best options. Remember, you have the full right to ask them for additional alternatives to compare it yourself.

Are there sudden or additional problems?
The most common upselling plan with mechanics are that “additional concerns” arise as they go along the process of inspecting your vehicle. It is advisable to get a second opinion from another workshop or mechanic. The problems and alternatives should align if they don’t you should consider consulting a third mechanic. After this trust your gut feeling and chose the best of all three, not the cheapest. You could also have a look at your manual to see what routine maintenance repairs should be expected.

What do their reviews and word-of-mouth say?
Don’t be afraid to ask around, previous clients can help you to make up your mind regarding the mechanic or workshop. Have a peek at their social platforms, if they have any, so that you may investigate what people have to say about them and their service.

Is their knowledge up-to-date?
As vehicles become more specialized, your vehicle’s maintenance and the engine becomes more advanced and intricate. It is important that your mechanic is not stuck a few years behind on the advancement to your modern vehicle and it is of extreme importance that you find out that they are capable of working on your vehicle and fixing the problem.

Remember, when you put your vehicle in the hands of a mechanic, you are placing your safety in their hands as well so be careful with who you trust as they will be responsible for your (and your family’s) safety. We hope that you consider these tips the next time your vehicle needs to be serviced by a mechanic.

Written by: Ashley Roos