Torque Tips | How to make the most out of being stuck in traffic

How to make the most out of being stuck in traffic

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-make the most of being stagnant at a light post-


I don’t even have to explain how mind-numbingly frustrating it can be to be stuck in traffic and knowing that you are sitting there and just wasting time. Well, it doesn’t have to necessarily be that way, today we are sharing with you a few ways you can melt away a few stress bubbles while stagnant in your journey.


·         It’s a Traffic- jam-ming!

Whether you are a new-aged pop star, pure-blooded rock star or simply an 80’s superstar- everyone has a few songs that deserve to be belted out and when you are stuck in traffic. This is your time to shine and to loosen up those vocals and grace everyone with your melodic voice or high-pitched squeal.


·         Play a game

There’s plenty- the traditional I-spy, 20 questions and the number plate game but you can also create a new one with your passengers seeing as you now have some terrific bonding time at hands. Makeup stories of other stagnant commuters- what’s their name, where did they come from, why are they stuck in traffic today? Remember, the more outrageous the story the more comical the outcome, am I right Samantha McRiggidity from Poland on her way to buy a lawnmower and 4 toasters?


·         Thou shall make thy neighbour chuckle

Try to, without them knowing, make the person in the vehicle next to you laugh. Make it your personal mission and civilian duty to have the other person giggling in their seat by means of goofy or silly acts. This will not only ease your frustration but someone else’s who is stuck in traffic as well and who knows? You might even make a traffic buddy.


·         Turn up the volume

Now is the perfect time to catch up on that podcast or audiobook that you haven’t been around to listen to. Or, if you have, great! Now you can start a new one.


·         Clean, clean and clean

Organization is a great stress reliever- organise the area around you- start with the consoles and door compartments and then move on to the glovebox if you still have time. If traffic is really bad- organise your laptop bag, purse or wallet.


·         Practice that speech!

If you have any speeches or presentations coming up, sitting in a traffic jam is the perfect time to go over it. Don’t only practice what you are going to say but evaluate the content to see if there aren’t easier ways to explain or to get your message across or if there are difficult terms that not everyone might understand and will need more explaining. Maybe look for a way to make it more enticing for your audience.


·         If all else fails, phone a friend!

Like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, you also have the option of calling up a close bud and having a quick chat provided you have a hands free kit installed in your vehicle.


These are all fun things to do while you are stuck in traffic,  however always remember to keep your hands on the steering wheel and your focus on the road, especially when traffic starts moving, even at 5km/h


Written by: Nita Stadler