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How to identify a bent rim

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Boom, Crash and Bang! That’s not only the sound of your wheel hitting a pothole but also of your spirit sinking. Why? Because there is most possibly damage if the pothole was big enough. Hitting a pothole can cause a lot of damage- it can pop a tyre, interfere with wheel alignment, damage the suspension and even bend a rim. Yes, those gorgeous, shiny beauts stand the chance of not being so gorgeous and beautiful anymore, but how would you know if it is bent? And what effects can it have on your vehicle? Luckily, we are here today to talk about just that!

Firstly, why rims?

Rims are not only easy on the eye but they have benefits as well. They help with handling and especially cornering, improve braking and provide you with better fuel consumption.

How to identify if you have a bent rim:

                    That looks like it hurts

The most obvious sign of a bent rim is, well, a bent rim. Inspect the rim for any damage, dents or scrapes. Remember some vehicles have hubcaps so be sure to remove those first for a closer inspection.

                    Vibin’ and shakin’

If the steering wheel is vibrating or shaking while you’re driving after hitting a pothole, it could indicate damage on your front wheels and if you have shaking from the rear or in your seat it could be from the rear rims.

                    I can’t handle it!

If your vehicle’s handling feels different or it feels as if you are driving with a flat tyre, it could be possible that you have a bent or damaged rim. Common signs to look out for is when your steering wheel is dragging to one side, feels kind of ‘slushy’ or there is a rhythmic thumping or vibration while driving.

                    I’m tyred, man!

If your tyre is constantly deflating and you find yourself more at the fill station pumping wheel than filling fuel, you could have a bent rim. The reason for this is the fact that your tyre and rim are like two peas in a pod- they are pressed firmly together for an air tight sealed and plump wheel but when the rim is bent, an opportunity is created for tyre deflation.

Can it be fixed?

In most cases- yes, most definitely! Most bent rims are usually minor and can easily be remedied by a professional mag wheel repair centre. So before your think that you will be sitting with a wailing wallet and your mood deflates like your tyre, ring up a reputable repair centre for a quote. 

Written by: Nita Stadler