Torque Tips | How to better prevent vehicle theft

How to better prevent vehicle theft

-don’t be the next victim-

You adore driving your vehicle around and catching a few onlookers which is quite obvious considering the amount of effort you put into your vehicle’s overall appearance. This also means that your vehicle might be a hot-target to many thieves lurking around. Although you can’t downplay your vehicle’s good looks and high demand, here are some things you could do to better prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

The most important thing you could do is not to leave any window of opportunity for the thief. The easier it is to steal your vehicle, the higher the probability of your vehicle being stolen. You should try to remember small things such as:

  • Never leaving your keys in the ignition when your vehicle is parked or leaving your vehicle running while you quickly run into the store for a cuppa on a cold morning.
  • Driving or parking your vehicle and leaving the doors unlocked.
  • Sometimes it’s not just the vehicle itself that attract thieves, but your high-priced valuables within your vehicle. Avoid driving with valuables that can easily be spotted in your vehicle, rather put these valuables e.g. your laptop in your boot when you’re driving or park your vehicle so that they’re out of sight.
  • Plan every trip, if you know where you’re going and the area you’ll be driving in then the most advisable thing to do is to try and avoid driving through high-crime areas when choosing an alternative route. After all, you should always try to choose the safest not the quickest route.
  • Thieves usually catch a nightshift to steal vehicles, they favour stealing at night when fewer people are around, and when it’s harder to identify them. Therefore, you should always drive more cautiously at night and remember to park your vehicle in busy, and well-lit places.
  • A good way to better protect your vehicle from it being stolen would be to invest in anti-theft systems such as a steering wheel and gear lock. Once a potential thief notices that you’ve taken extra measurements to protect your vehicle then they are less likely to target your vehicle along with being harder to actually steal due to these helpful anti-theft gadgets.
  • Once again, if you leave any window open while driving your vehicle or when it’s parked then you inevitably create an opportunity of window for the thief to steal your vehicle. They are pretty crafty and skilled in accessing a vehicle through these small spaces provided. If you really need some fresh air on a hot day rather open your sunroof or use your air conditioning system. Also, remember not to leave your sunroof open when you park your vehicle either.

We believe that it is vital for every driver to be alert while driving and take extra precaution in order to protect ones valued possession(s) and ensure your safety on the road.

Written by: Ashley Roos                                                                   
Edited by: Pearl Mwale